a slight switch of uniform

Now just imagine that Carlos throws him a spare jersey. Photo by Samara Pearlstein

–The Tigers got Delmon Young. This was a waiver wire deal that was then worked into a trade. DYoung the Second for lefty Cole Nelson (21 years old, at high-A Lakeland) and a Dude to be Named Later. There was some Internet Chatter about the DTBNL being someone the Tigers weren’t happy moving, but who knows.

When DYII showed up in the Tigers clubhouse today, some of the other Tigers were angry because they thought he was violating baseball protocol by waltzing into the opposing team’s space. They had no idea he’d been traded to Detroit. Of course, with the Tigers playing the Twins, all DYII had to do was stroll across the hall to join his new squad.

–In his very first at-bat for the Tigers, DYII hit a home run against his very-recent former team. He later made a nice running catch in the outfield, and also got to see Jim Thome’s 600th home run fly right over his head.

–Yeah, Jim Thome hit homers #599 and #600 in Comerica. Good for him and so on, but I think we all wish he’d done it somewhere else. Even against the Tigers but in Minneapolis would have been preferable.

–Will Rhymes was up yesterday because Carlos Guillen has been placed on the DL with Old Man Wrist. Today he was back in Toledo, sent down to make room for DYII. This is particularly harsh because, well, what is the point of Magglio right now? Can’t the Tigers come up with some sort of injury for him too?

Boesch is expected to get lots of playing time when he returns. Obviously Action Jackson has center field. With DYII in Detroit, Magglio is going to see his playing time (hopefully drastically) reduced. But he gets to stick around while Rhymes gets the fast track back to Muddy.

–At least he has a sense of humor about it. Laughing instead of crying, or maybe crying while laughing, but also Tweeting.

–The Rhino also displayed a sense of humor today. He had made a couple of really bad defensive plays. One should have been a double play, but Raburn somehow sat down at second base instead and only got one out. I forget offhand what the other one was but he looked real silly doing it.

He finally made a catch and throw without screwing up one or more parts of the play, and the crowd responded with a very, very obviously sarcastic cheer. Instead of sulking, or even just ignoring it, the Rhino gave a small, guilty smile and tipped his cap a tiny bit.

–Who is honestly surprised that Carlos Guillen is back on the DL? Show me that person. We have many questions to ask them.

–Even though Brennan Boesch was not supposed to be back from his thumb injury until Tuesday at the earliest, he pinch hit in Sunday’s desperate and ultimately unsuccessful comeback scramble. He came up to bat with what looked like a piece of foam actually taped in place on top of his glove. SPORT SCIENCE.

–Alex Avila is some sort of superhero. He keeps getting abused behind the plate, either by his own pitchers, or through the cruel medium of foul balls. Today he blocked the plate on an attempted inside-the-park home run and got blown up, but held onto the ball for the out. He also went 3-for-4 with a single, double, and triple. Alex Avila, the catcher, hit a triple.

Avila has caught 36 of the past 39 Tigers games. He’s caught 12 of the last 13. He’s caught the last 10 in a row. And that doesn’t count the All Star game, in which he also played.

I know he’s young and in good shape and can take a lot of abuse because of that, but this is getting RIDICULOUS. I understand that Victor Martinez is semi-injured and the Tigers are unwilling to make a move to bring up a spare catcher, but this can’t go on. I don’t care how emergency Don Kelly is supposed to be: put him in there for a game. That potential mass of comedy mishaps would be the price you have to pay if you’re not willing to call up a more legitimate backup.


13 responses to “a slight switch of uniform

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    //At least he has a sense of humor about it. Laughing instead of crying, or maybe crying while laughing, but also Tweeting.//

    That’s a big, pleasant change from the last time he got optioned down to Toledo!

  2. Let's Go Tigers

    Loved the Rhino sarcastic hat-tip. Fight fire with fire, I suppose!

  3. Let’s hope Delmon is the hamster the Tigers were looking for in the lineup!

  4. “DYoung the Second”

    I think I prefer “D.Y. : Part Deux”. That was a pretty good way to introduce himself to the city of Detroit.

    … And Thome was just being Thome. (But perhaps I shouldn’t have thrown my hands in the air when he hit 599, and said “Well, go ahead, you might as well get 600 out of the way, too.” I apologize to everyone for that. I didn’t think he was listening.)

    I know this is probably a sore spot for you, but did you see what Charlie Furbush and Casper Wells did to the Red Sox the other night? *sigh*

  5. Nice post! re: catcher, there IS always Brandon!! “Free Inge”

    • I’d be perfectly happy with Inge backing up in the absence of a Victor backup… but so far the Tigers seem unwilling to call him (or any other potential catcher) up before the September roster expansion. If they want to keep the roster more or less as is on the catcher front, they have three options right now:

      1. Keep throwing Avila behind the plate until he finally reaches the limits of human tolerance and breaks down.
      2. Put Victor back there for a game or two and hope his busted joints can stand it.
      3. Use Don Kelly, not because he’s a great option, but because he exists as a technical option and is in fact the only choice aside from 1 or 2.

      Now, HOPEFULLY Victor will be well enough to catch a little by September, so even though Inge will be back we hopefully will not have to see him behind the plate anyways. But if they did decide to reverse course and somehow bring him up early, that’d work too.

    • inge will do anything to wear that d again. he says he wont play anywhere but detroit. doesn’t that mean something to you, Mr leyland? Doesnt It!? Of all places inge wants to stay in DETROIT.
      Jim Leyland destroys dreams
      ( but for some reason not Guillen’s contract )

  6. Look, Will Rhymes is no glove wizard, according to all reports. And, yes, the Rhino did hit a home run, but he also made outs 4 other times. And, for God’s sakes, Will Rhymes is hitting .302 in Toledo! With a .372 OBP! Until a recent surge, the Rhino was flirting with one of the worst on-base percentages of all time! When will the Tigers brass wake the hell up? FREE WILL RHYMES!

  7. “Will Rhymes was up yesterday because Carlos Guillen has been placed on the DL with Old Man Wrist”

    I chose to believe this to be a personification and not a condition.

    “The swamp monster was really *mask removed* Old Man Wrist!”
    “And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for you darn kids!”

    • Love this! I don’t love the fact that Carlos is on the DL again, but some things in life are inevitable, and the idea that Old Man Wrist exists explains so many things!

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