Brandon Inge is back, baby.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

First at-bat: BOOM. Home run.

Brandon Inge.

That is all.

14 responses to “Brandon Inge is back, baby.

  1. Haters to the left.

    /I scoot over to the right. :D

  2. Someone’s a redditor… :-D

    But really, what a fairytale return for Brandon. I love it!

  3. the most glorious return in tigers history

  4. Brandon’s shoes reminds me – when I was watching the game on TV last night, I saw a number of players who were wearing what looked like soft shoes instead of hard spikes. Strange.

    • I know during BP some of them wear sneakers, but during the game I believe they all wear spikes– it’s just that modern cleats are much, much lower-profile than old school spikes, so often it’s hard to see them unless you’re looking straight at the player’s shoe sole-on.

  5. So much fabulous.

  6. Not even Hollywood could think of that awesomeness I mean first pitch say hello 2 the guy in the Verlander All – Star jersy. My dad went nuts over that homer Inge is back end of story!

  7. Brandon’s return performance just did my heart good! What a great surprise! Its like an after school special.

  8. I was there on Saturday and saw the perfection that was the Brandon Inge Comeback. It made my heart swell and the crowd went nuts when he hit that homer.

  9. I literally jumped into the air and yelled, “YES!” when he hit that home run.

    I knew he still had it in him. And also, Michael Rosenberg’s column in the Freep was awesome.

  10. normally you can easily find 10 people that love brandon and 10 people who hate him but not at comerica that day. 40,000+ on their feet. Inge is back!

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