the Matt Holliday moth saga

Walkoff loss on a defensive play. Bases loaded, two outs, ball hit to third, Inge throws to second instead of first despite the fact that Ramon Santiago is not close to the base, runner beats it out, Rays win, vomit vomit hairballs forever. I don’t want to talk about it. Look at this instead.

No, this has nothing to do with the Tigers. But it has to do with awesomeness in baseball, and let’s be real, we don’t want to think about the Tigers after this game anyways.

(Illustrations by Samara Pearlstein. The photo of Holliday and the trainer is an AP photo by Jeff Roberson. The moth image is from BJ Rains/FS Midwest.)


15 responses to “the Matt Holliday moth saga

  1. Baseball can be a strange game. I love how they took Holliday into a dark room afterwards hoping the moth would fly out seeking light.

  2. That is by turns possibly the most disturbing and the most epic Terrible Cartoon I’ve ever seen.

  3. ivantopumpyouup

    I have no idea what is going on here, but I think I like it.

  4. Meanwhile, the Tigers finally figure out how to get Avila a day off. It involves Mrs. Cabrera getting pregnant . . .

  5. maybe that could happen to fredfred and it never comes out. then we could put on the DL and might never come back!

  6. Trying to decide if this is disturbing or completely awesome. Conclusion–definitely awesome! That moth could give me nightmares, though!

  7. I work in an ENT’s office. You’d be amazed by the things that get stuck in grown adults’ ears.

  8. For some reason the photos in with the cartoons makes this entire thing even funnier. How does that? Is it some sort of TC science?

  9. Um…….. yeah so yeah I really don’t know how to respond to this disturbing image that got put in my brain just now……. hum…….ho hum! Meh!

  10. now someone is gonna trip on the headstone when they’re pitching. thats the last thing st louis needs if they want to catch up with the brewers. who thinks this feet is possible? though, it is good to see st louis not in first. they are the yankees of the national league

  11. what’s up

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