The miracle of life, in every way.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Congratulations are in order for Miguel Cabrera and Mrs. Miguel Cabrera, because today they have a brand new kitten! This one is reportedly a boy, and the third Cabrera kitten. Mazel tov, Miggy!

A happy event to be sure, but this was also a miracle of life on another level. His wife was induced, so the Tigers knew ahead of time to put Cabrera on the paternity list. This allowed them to to call up a replacement player for one day. Do you see where this going? DO YOU SEE?

I have never been so happy to see Omir Santos in my all my days.

Let it enter into the record: August 25, 2011, ALEX AVILA FINALLY GETS A DAY OFF. And it is all thanks to the brand new Cabrera kitten. New life for all.

5 responses to “The miracle of life, in every way.

  1. Yay! And even better, the Tigers honored the birthday of the new kitten with a win!

  2. Kittens! Kittens! Kittens make everything better, even Alex Avila’s sore, abused body.

  3. The Cabrera’s welcomed Christopher Alexander Cabrera into the world and even though we had Omir Santos catching and Donnie playing first we won the game! don’t make a habbit of it though Jim.

  4. now if alex gets another 3 weeks where he is working nonstop we know who to contact

  5. It’s getting creepy-good these days. First we close a 1-run game without Al-Al, Ben-wah or Big Spud; then win one without Miggy, Alex or Brennan.
    When things are going right, Our Guys can beat Their Guys with half the roster tied behind their backs! Let us pray for the same harmonic convergence come October.

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