This must be kitten season.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

First Miguel Cabrera and his wife have a baby, then Don Kelly is out because HIS wife is having a baby! What a month of kittening for the Tigers. This is the second child for the Kellys, this one a boy. Clearly we are breeding the next generation of Tigers right here.

I saw a video clip earlier this season, during one of those rain delay things, showing Don Kelly running around on the field with his kid. The kid was wearing a little Kelly uniform, complete right down to the high socks. Magnificent. I am certain this new child will be raised with similar upstanding morals when it comes to baseball socks.

Because Kelly was placed on the paternity list, as with Miggy, the Tigers were able to call up a spare player. Danny Worth got the nod this time. Now, Rod and Mario were speculating about when Kelly would be back, as you can take off up to 3 days with the paternity list. They weren’t sure if Kelly would return to the team right away, or if he would take the full 3 days. The joke was that Miguel Cabrera was not given a choice, Leyland told him to get back to the team as soon as possible, but Don Kelly could take his time if he wanted.

–The Twinkies were working some powerful black magics last night, starting a pitcher named Scott DIAMOND. Scott Diamond who throw a baseball on the baseball diamond. We all see what you were doing there, Twins. Thankfully the Tigers brought their protective amulets and the black magic was thwarted.

–The controversial play at first, where Ben Revere grounded out to end the inning… yeah, he was safe. We’ll take it– Paws knows the Tigers have had plenty of plays go against them this season– but that was not a good call.

–Rick Porcello looked a bit rough early, but settled down. I wonder if Verlander is sharing his calming routines, or if Alex Avila is getting that good at concentrating the focus of his pitchers. Perhaps our little FredFred is just growing up all on his own.

–Ryan Raburn, of all cats, got three hits in the game. He also let go of his bat during his last time up and almost murdered Brandon Inge in the on deck circle, which I know will endear him to some of you maniac animals.

14 responses to “This must be kitten season.

  1. inge didnt seem to mind when the flying projectile almost sliced him. it must happen to him a lot

    did anyone hear rod last night when he asked mario if he was gonna be okay without him in the broadcast booth? Mario said that he’d do his best but rod just kept asking him over and over. rod must get lonely. poor rod, nobody wants to be his friend…

  2. You know what I like?? Cabrera is Venezuelan and Kelly is Lilly White American, and their babies are both Orange Tigers. Proving once and for All that true world harmony will only come when everyone is a Detroit Tigers fan!!

  3. ivantopumpyouup

    That is just the cutest thing.

  4. Some nice at bats by V-Mart last night too.

  5. I love the beatific expressions you’ve put on the faces of the new Tiger dads. That’s how every new parent should look holding their babies.

  6. Now, now. Not all of us non-lovers-of-Inge are horrible, terrible people. I don’t wish him harm. I would just prefer that he not strike out, pop out, ground out, line out, foul out, and fly out so much. ;)

  7. i noticed Penny go the DAY start on sunday. very predictable

  8. Well all Rod does is talk to a computer generated figment of our imagination so yeah I’m pretty sure he does get lonly Like A Boesch. FOX borrowed our technology to make Mario so did Nintendo

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