Justin Verlander gets to 20.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

You have one takeaway from this weekend.

Even when he is not at his best, Justin Verlander is still better than you, me, and the vast majority of Major League Baseball.

8 responses to “Justin Verlander gets to 20.

  1. First person to do so before Sept. 1 since Curt ” Bloody Sock ” Schilling in 02! He is amazing! Where oh MLB is your CY Young Winner Where oh MLB is Your MVP? Detroit has him right here

  2. Hey Samara, I see your article on Justine’s 20th made an appearance in the “Absolute Michigan” web site!

  3. “Climb Every Mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow – ‘TIL YOU FIND YOUR DREAM!”

    Oh, I’m sorry. I was driven to showtunes by this cartoon. 20-win seasons inspire me to that sort of thing.

  4. never was there a more deserving or superior baseball throwing being.

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