lots of busted Tiger hands, but Max has no such excuse

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Ryan Raburn jammed a finger on his hand while sliding into second base. Brennan Boesch has a torn ligament in his thumb that will require surgery at some point. Both were out of the lineup Monday with their pained paws.

But what was Max Scherzer’s excuse? His paws were in great shape, so far as any of us know, and after we all saw him get tormented by the Royals, you would think that if there WAS an injury brewing in his fingerbits, the team would be quick to get that news out. Injuries explain bad outings. Suddenly forgetting how to pitch to Alex Gordon and his royal blue buddies… that probably does not have a good explanation behind it.

There is a bit of a cushion in the division, but the Tigers DO need to string some wins together, and with the games at home… well. We need to win. You hear, Max? DO YOU HEAR?

Because of the cushion, I am refusing to freak out. Pitchers have bad outings. Even Justin Verlander has days when he’s off, and Max is not Justin Verlander (nobody but Justin Verlander is Justin Verlander). So I am calm. I am totally calm. Calm calm calm.

7 responses to “lots of busted Tiger hands, but Max has no such excuse

  1. he wont listen to you or me.

  2. I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer…

    (rocking back and forth, gently)

  3. Somehow the Royals always seem to play like the Yankees when they play us… Blaming Max will get us nowhere.

  4. NO BOESCH REFRAIN FROM SURGERY! All right not freakin’ out, not freakin’ out nope don’t do it Rhino will pick up the slack don’t no no! I’m Freakin’ out man I’m freakin out!

  5. Oh my lord, you summoned the Mantises!! http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/mlb/blog/big_league_stew/post/Royals-8217-Brayan-Pe-a-defends-Earth-from-pra?urn=mlb-wp17725#remaining-content

    BTW, was at tonight’s game. Way to go Santiago! Although I think there may have been tears in the audience when Fister finally lost his perfect bid…

  6. So excited to see Raburn in the high socks. Imagine the Terrible Cartoon wonders if everyone would see the light and wear them!

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