Santiago saves Fister… seems like it should be a bad pun, but isn’t.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein
Doug Fister nearly threw a perfect game, so here’s a cartoon about the fact that he’s really tall! Yeah, I don’t know. The more I watch him pitch, the more he starts looking like this on the mound to me. Run with it.

But that really happened. The Royals did not get on base until the 7th inning, when Alex Gordon led off with a double. Alex Gordon is some sort of evil Tiger murder machine and should be reported to the SPCA anyways. Detroit got six PERFECT innings from Doug Fister. It’s like he saw how nervous we were getting about Brad Penny, how worried we were after Scherzer’s latest outing, and he said, “No no, don’t worry. You can relax. Really. I got this.”

Then the Tigers won on a 10th inning walkoff home run hit by Ramon Santiago. Yes.

A walkoff home run. Hit by



What a weird game.

9 responses to “Santiago saves Fister… seems like it should be a bad pun, but isn’t.

  1. Actually, this is Santiago’s second 10th-inning walkoff this year–the first being a triple against Tampa Bay. Saniago hit a walkoff in the 10th? How very normal!

  2. what more can you expect from the red-hot utility player. I’ve been wondering why he is not the starting second baseman.

  3. He really is all leg… kind of ironic for a guy named Fister.

    Thank cats for Ramon. I thought poor Fister was going to have flashbacks to his non-run-supported Seattle days and they’d need a team psychologist to talk him back down again. But Ramon saves the day and Fister’s mental health!

  4. Way to go, Ramon! Bet that shaving cream in his eyes burned a little.

  5. He took a perfect game into the sixth – and then nearly lost 1-0. Thank Cats for Ramon!

    BTW, I love the pouty look on Inge in the cartoon. “It’s just not fair that Fister is so tall!”

  6. That was an amazing game! We were all so freaking pumped as the innings went on… And in a really cute moment I had to explain to the kid next to me why everyone stood up and clapped after Gordon’s hit. He looked really confused for a minute :)

  7. Suckiago has finally earned his real name ” I now knight the Sir Santiago!” JV using a bat as the sword Don Kelly the sheild bearer watching in hope he one day will be able to become the new knight and Raburn burning (pun intended) with anger as he watches in the far distance wishing he could be this boss! Fister was awesome!

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