excuse you, Chicago

Sorry things have been quiet around here! I have started a weirdo art grad program and apparently they like throwing ALL THE WORK THERE IS at us right from Day 1. I know, I know, this is what grad school is. I’m still adjusting. Things should proceed more smoothly as I figure out a routine that works.

The Tigers have won 11 in a row. The last time this happened (according to Mario) was in 1968. Think about that.

In any event, Terrible Cartoons will be coming, but in the meantime I leave you with this screenshot, captured during tonight’s game. A most unfortunate confluence of lights and statuary indeed.


17 responses to “excuse you, Chicago

  1. I understand. I’m trying to figure out the best way to work out working full time PLUS teaching crochet classes a couple evenings a month PLUS going back to school to get a second major. After a couple weeks, I THINK I am getting schedules sorted out. I THINK. #crossesfingers #tired #hectic #craziness #ilovecaffeine

    And it’s awesome that you are going to grad school in art. It sounds like a blast and I know you will do a fantastic job.

  2. Thanks for getting me thinking about this and check out the incredible video from ’68 that I found!

  3. I feel you! I am working full time and going to school full time myself. It is exhausting! I hope it’s going as well as the Tigers news :D

  4. The photo of Papa Grande the Tigers just posted on Facebook matches your Opening Day cartoon exactly. They totally could have just used yours!

  5. That was the best freakin’ dance i’ve ever seen!

  6. Stay classy, Chicago.

  7. Chicago is the classiest of all possible cities. Except, you know, not really. The last three games were INCREDIBLE, but especially today. Tonight, I apologized to a Wrong Sox fan for our team being so much awesomer than theirs this season. Whoops.

  8. We are at least 25 games above .500 and the rest of the Central is under it. I thought this division was going to be competitiive. The defending AL Central champs are 27.5 games back. What the heck!?!

  9. Another Big League Stew entry. I’ve decided it’s half-T.M.I., half-well-if-that’s-what-it-takes-to win.

    And, no, I really don’t want to see a cartoon version of this:

  10. I feel as if Deadspin needs to be made aware ofthis unintentional dong.

  11. “I will wear these underwear until we lose,” Leyland said. “I can tell you that right now. And they will not be washed. And I don’t give a (expletive) who knows it.”



  12. Guess Leyland can change his underwear now. :-/ We better win tomorrow night!!!! Must bake more cookies.

    Amusing bit from BP today: There was a big group of Tigers fans at the home plate end of the visitors dugout. (I think there were more Tigers fans than A’s fans.) They had something going with Brandon Inge–first they were just yelling to him, and then he was grinning like mad and cueing them to yell by holding his fist in the air. He did that a couple of times, laughed himself silly, and then appeared to pass the yell-inducing power to Magglio by pointing at him very exuberantly. Magglio quickly tired of it and “passed” it to Miguel Cabrera, who made the most of it between batting turns, hehe.

    Also, we could smell Leyland’s cigarette smoke at various points throughout the game (we were behind the dugout). The only time I don’t mind cigarette smell, lol!

  13. We always win but when we lose I prefer against the west. Stay striped my friends

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