Detroit Tigers, champions of the AL Central. Yes, that sounds nice.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Get back on the bus, folks! We’re going to the playoffs!

With this win over the A’s, the Tigers secured the AL Central title. No going down to the wire at the very tail end of the season. No Game 163 shenanigans. No making Doug Fister cry the traumatized tears of one who has all too often seen his excellent starts go unsupported. It is September 16 (well, technically 17 here by now). The Detroit Tigers are division champs.

Tip your fuzzy tiger ear headband to the unlikeliest extra base hitting ever: Ramon Santiago and Wilson Betemit with triples, Don Kelly with a home run. Raise your giant foam clawed tiger paw in honor of Doug Fister’s magnificent effort. Do a little dance for Papa Grande. And solemnly place a band-aid on your forehead, in solidarity with Alex Avila.



I could announce this to myself in my head all night, and I probably will.

22 responses to “Detroit Tigers, champions of the AL Central. Yes, that sounds nice.

  1. WOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That bus illustration is my new profile pick. THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! TIGERSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

  2. *pic (I can’t spell at night)

  3. Hipolito M. Wiseman

    Jim Leyland is a great human being and a great manager i just watched his interview very emotional.

  4. It’s been a darn long time and I’m ready for it again…. the last few years have been so nice watching the Tigers winning again after the long time between ’87-06′ I almost feel spoiled now going back to the Playoffs again!

    There must have been some Answer Hamsters hanging out with Leyland showing the Tigers the way.
    Thanks for always making the Tigers adventures just that much more fun Sam.
    Go Tigers!

  5. Yesssssss!

  6. I love this. I can’t stop smiling. :D

  7. Whoo-ha, Magic Bus! Well done Tigers, well done Sam!

  8. Congrats

  9. you probably didn’t stay up to watch coverage in the clubhouse. it was amazing! Brandon Inge had goggles and a snorkal, Ryan Perry had like 5 cigars and beer cans, Leyland cried, Carlos Guillen was alone in the locker room. And God, you should have heard Rod interview Avila! Rod was talking faster than anybody else in the room by far and it was funny because Alex was calm and cool like always

    • You could just tell Rod wanted somebody to pour champagne on him!

      I was pleased to see Miggy enjoying a bottle of water, and NOT pleased to hear that Mr. Verlander decided to play slip-and-slide and with the (crazy) relief pitchers!

  10. I can’t stop smiling either! On to the post-season!

  11. I love this team so very much. GROUP TIGER HUGS FOR EVERYBODY!

  12. I want to go on a hugging binge, as well. This feels great.

    Also, from the AP recap:
    “”I just want to party!” yelled pitcher Al Alburquerque as he walked into the plumes of smoke coming from all corners.”

    I would like a cartoon of this. AlAl, party monster. Plumes of smoke. Disco ball. The whole deal.


  14. WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stayed up til 2 watching the postgame, but it was well worth it!!!!!!

  15. Wow thats all i can say this was not only an amazing season but a season full of up and downs Casper we will always remember you and what you did for us. I would also like to thank Ramon Santiago for his might swings of power. Thanks to all the unseen players who joined us on the way like Omir, Casper, Kelly, big hair dude Virreal or however you spell it, and Gene Lamont most of all for sittin’ back and eatin’ his Big Macs all day long he was deffinalty the the MVP ofthe Tigers!

  16. Oh and lets go get that WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

  17. A-snork-able!!!

  18. I normally dont like watching U of Michigan get hummiliated by toddlers but I think I can make a small exception

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