Why? Because Brad Penny. That is why.

photo by Samara Pearlstein

How appropriate that I already had this photo from earlier in the season! How charmingly accurate for so many Brad Penny starts!

Look, I know these games don’t ‘matter’ in the sense that losing them will keep the Tigers out of the playoffs, but it is still important to keep in the habit of winning, to keep everyone from sliding into the sticky pit of complacency, to put the team in the best possible position going into the postseason, etc. Important! Winning! Not whatever it is that Brad Penny did out there tonight!

What IS it with Penny? At first there was the day game issue, which was understandable– all those day games in the heat of high summer, the annoyance of ALWAYS getting them, etc. But we have gone past that. So… is he injured in some way? Are there issues in his personal life? Is he just bad at throwing a baseball nowadays?

Maybe Brad Penny is just tired of this season and would really like to be left off the postseason roster so that he can go home and close the shades and pretend it’s never time for a day game again.


11 responses to “Why? Because Brad Penny. That is why.

  1. he’s been hiding under a cloud of incredible offense, but he’s been pretty terrible for awhile. Even Pretty Rick has outpitched him as of late.

    Stop it Penny! Or one might start to think you’re actually Bonderman revisited.

  2. According to the schedule, there is one day game left for the Tigers…five days from now. When Penny is scheduled to pitch. Many are wondering if he will make the playoff roster, and he didn’t help himself last night.

  3. On this day, Penny was short for “penultimate”. As in, this was Brad Penny’s penultimate start as a Detroit Tiger.

  4. I’d shut Penny down right now and let a rookie take the hill for Penny’s last scheduled start. No point in throwing another game away. He just hasn’t had it lately and I don’t want to see him throw another game away with us in the race for home field advantage.

    • Amen to that! It puzzles me how Mario and at times Leyland, talk about how much Bad Penny has helped the team. Seriously???? They must be watching a different game than the rest of us. Jim Price called Penny’s numbers ” Not Good “. Now that’s a more accurate statement! I couldn’t agree more with concentrating on winning for the chance to have a home field advantage.

  5. Rod was talking about putting Penny in the bullpen for the playoffs.
    worst news ever

    • That would be Brad turning up in the playoffs like a Bad Penny.

      • With Brad Penny, 23 runs have scored in 30 first innings. I know I would not want to see that guy come out with a slim lead late in a game. During the Pre-game they brought up Penny’s stats against the AL Central.
        It was something like: 8-7, 5.09 era, and other crap. and then Mario started talking about how good he was! Someone slap me because in my books that really sucks.

    • OMG! Have they lost their minds??? I can hear myself yelling at the T.V. now.

  6. seriously computer image run by Rod really good I’m with like a Boesch that freakin’ SUCKS!

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