Happy Zach Putnam Pitching in Detroit Day!

all photos by Samara Pearlstein

I know that Zach Putnam has been up with Cleveland for a bit now, but this was the first time I had been able to watch him pitch live. Zach Putnam! An Ann Arbor kid who went to U of M at the same time as me!

Zach Putnam! A pitcher who was always able to hit, at least at the college level!

Zach Putnam!! I have so many photos of him as a (relatively) wee collegiate ballplayer! I hung out at the field with Mr. Casselberry and we watched him generate so many Wolverine wins! He remains the only college player I have ever seen break his aluminum bat!

The circumstances were perfect. The Tigers were already winning, so nobody had any reason for concern if Putnam threw well. He pitched a perfect inning, striking out Brandon Inge, inducing a Delmon Young groundout, and getting himself a harmless Miguel Cabrera fly ball. The fact that he looked good was fine because of the whole aforementioned ‘already winning’ thing. And the whole ‘already in the playoffs’ thing. Let me tell you, it is weird to be feeling so good about baseball when the entire city of Boston is imploding in baseball-related agony.

Of course it is a little sad that such a Michigan person should have to play for an Ohio team. But Zach Putnam will make the best of it. For him, we can ignore the hat temporarily and applaud.

So excited to get to use all these photos. So excited to watch Zach Putnam get into a game and play some ball.

11 responses to “Happy Zach Putnam Pitching in Detroit Day!

  1. He is certainly easy on the eyes! **Drooling**

  2. Nice pictures. I’ll be watching for him in the future. He reminds me of Duane Below a bit (maybe it’s the gray eyes that remind me of him)

  3. Yay and GO ZACH! And yay for Happy Marybeth and Steve Putnam!!!!!

  4. It sucks that we lost a good Michiganian behind enemy lines. He served us well. When we hear the name Zach Putnam we will remember a brave solider. This is war. It was an honor to serve under him. He should be good example to us all. We need relize he’s one of them now. (im not crying right now) We need to look up to the Tigers right now in these bad times. Now we have another reason to kick Ohio in its privates.

  5. I’m with you Like A Boesch can’t believe we lost another one to those no good Racist LOGOS oh well sad to see a brave Michiganian lost to the dark side of the boarder wish him the best on a hopefully great and prosperous career ( Just not in the big D )

  6. Zach Putnam is a beast!! I mean that in the best sense of the word. Yay!!

  7. Great pictures! And ohmygoodness, is he gorgeous or what!!

  8. Well, the Tigers did their best to get him in the fold. I think they drafted him twice. Of course, I think once was out of high school so if he had signed, Samara wouldn’t really have the special attachment.

    (I reserve the right to be totally wrong about this because I don’t care enough to look it up.)

  9. watch out kid rick, theres another dreamboat in the AL Central.

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