the Tigers win at injuries

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

It is truly a remarkable thing. First Delmon Young strained his oblique. Then Magglio Ordonez rebroke his ankle. The Tigers found themselves suddenly lacking in outfielders, since Brennan Boesch is out with his thumb thing. Ryan Raburn was already going to get playing time because of Delmon. Don Kelly was already on the roster, and needed to be free to sub in all over the place. Andy Dirks should not get regular postseason at-bats at this point in his career. So who would step in for Magglio?

DUH. Just reactivate Delmon! He can swing but not throw, so it’s basically business as usual! That totally makes sense! It’s not like he was injured wicked recently or anything! He’s had plenty of time to heal up! We all know how quickly and thoroughly oblique injuries heal, especially when you start playing on them again as soon as possible!

I don’t blame this for Game 2. Many things factored in, and the game did go to extras, so the Tigers were playing things close. In the ALDS, they were winning very close games. Now they are losing very close games. Nobody can count on always getting the win when the win depends on a single run; that leaves far too much room for luck to come into it, and in short (non-162 game) series, you want to eliminate the element of luck as much as you possibly can. The Tigers have not really done that. The absence of Delmon and Magglio was felt, but not intrinsic to the gut-wrenching walkoff loss.

Ugh. Magglio may be done. Like, maybe forever this time. He thought his ankle was healed, but clearly that was not the case. Then again, if his ankle felt fine, and all his tests came back clean, how long was he supposed to wait before playing on it again? His body apparently wants him to wait FOREVER. His bones have become brittle and unreliable. I find it hard to believe he can come back when his ankles are literally snapping beneath him on the field. Behold as he limps off into the sunset.

Please do not let this become a metaphor for the season, Tigers. Please.

9 responses to “the Tigers win at injuries

  1. My poor broken hurting Tigers. :(

    Still so proud of them this year. <3 my guys.

  2. They just look SOOO TIRED. And everyone is trying way to hard. I hope they can relax, have fun and maybe win a couple here at home.

  3. I feel like Magglio has been dead in the water for a while now. But the idea of him truly being done, before he has a chance to try regrowing his magnificent hair, is still incredibly sad.

  4. Magglio is one of my favorite Tigers! Thanks for the memories….Never forget 2006! We will miss you.

  5. Really wish Boesch was healthy…there for awhile earlier this season he was smacking the ball around everywhere. We need him.

  6. Yes! Let’s replace an injured player with… a slightly less injured player! This makes all the sense in the world!!!

  7. thank god we have…Kelly

  8. Going with his Ghost Hair! No Magglio don’t go!! Don’t do it!

  9. That picture of Magglio breaks my heart.

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