and so it ends

photo by Samara Pearlstein

It is currently 15-4 in the bottom of the seventh inning. I have to get up at 4:45am tomorrow for work. It’s not that I don’t, in the deeply irrational and delusional center of my fan-soul, think that the Tigers have some minute but still extant chance for a comeback (although Brad Penny is in, which is surely a sign of surrender if there ever was one). I just really need sleep.

Maybe I will wake up to unexpected delightful news. More likely I will not. Either way, it’s been a great season, folks.

Terrible Cartoons on many things to come.


21 responses to “and so it ends

  1. It was a great season, sad to end on a blowout, but we will always have a great ride though the summer of 2011 to remember as Tiger fans.

    Thanks for all the wonderful cartoons to add to the fun Sam!

  2. Feels like BOTH of our teams lost by two touchdowns yesterday. krw (’74&’77)

  3. It truly was a great season, and I am already counting the days until spring training begins. The Tigers are going to take it all in 2012!

  4. Heavy heart today…..but a wonderful exciting season to look back on….I hope Alex gets the rest he so deserves and a backup catcher for next year! See ya in the Spring.

    • I agree with you Sharon – I can’t help but feel a heavy heart and some what of a loss myself. Being so wrapped up in the Tigers this year (and in years past) and believing so hard that they could make it, kind of makes me feel mournful this morning. BUT – this is a great team, and next year we will be right back at it. Thanks to the Boys for a incredible run, and defying the post All Star break odds, and all of the Experts who said we couldn’t do it because we were in a weak division. I hope if nothing else, this post season showed the world that Detroit players are not only good – they play with huge hearts and the drive to defy all odds! Go Tigs – can’t wait until April 2012.

  5. Sad right now… but so proud of what these guys accomplished. It figures that it would have to be an enormous wound to knock them out, because they weren’t going to quit ever, they had to be beaten enough so they couldn’t come back.

    95 wins, division champs, Cy Young winner and batting champ, possible MVP, taking the defending AL champs to a game 6 despite running on fumes and adrenaline and being taped together with bandaids…

    What a team. So much heart. :’)

  6. we need to look to our detroit football team in a time like this. It’s a good thing the Lions can be called a football team this year.

  7. Well it looks as if this Tigers team’s year has finally come to an end not the way it should’ve happened but it doesn’t matter if we lost by 1 or 10 this team fought the good fight but the Yankee series kinda wiped us out. The protection of the gates of Commerica will shield us no more. no but hopefully the gates of Michigan Stadium will bring us to a 11-1 season. I respect that MSU won ( kinda just threw up there ) but that was the worst sportsmanship i think i’ve ever seen poor Lewan just got his face punched in MSU YOU SUCK!!!! :(

  8. Well, you made it further than all but two other teams this year. And Spring Training is but four months away.

  9. I already miss my 2011 Tigers.

  10. I was so mad last night at this time… Mad that the season was ending like that… Mad that I cared so much… Mad that it felt like I’d wasted seven months of my life dreaming dreams that were too big… I felt like I wanted to *dislike* baseball forever.

    I’m feeling better today. But I still wish I could wake up and find out I dreamed everything after that first out of the third inning. It certainly felt like a nightmare.

  11. I wonder what ex-POTUS Bush said to the HP ump, when they were talking to each other, a while before he squeezed Scherzer, like a fresh orange, and the Tigers’ hitters on animated called-strikes and outs on Ks like he was doing the bossa-nova…hmm.

    Maybe the exchange went something like this:

    Ex-POTUS Bush: “Hi Tom..are the rangers going to win tonight, b/c Nolan here and I have a date to go fishing together tomorrow afternoon, on my [stocked] pond on my property??”

    HP ump Tom Hallion: “Why uhhh… sure they will George, and what do you want the final score to look like?”

    Bush: “Well, we have to be certain that there is no chance that the Tigers, ummm….might be able to win the game later on….soo, whatever you can do about that in this inning or the next would be very helpful!!”

    Hallion: “I’ll get right on it, Mr. President!!”

    Bush: “Okay thanks, want to join us tomorrow?”

    Hallion: “Love to, but I’ll have to clear it first with my wife, she is expecting me to come home after the “if necessary” game Sun…oh wait, there won’t BE any 7th game necessary, tomorrow afternoon…haha!!”

    Bush: “That’s right..haha!!”

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