Justin Verlander wins the Cy Young award because of course he does.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Your 2011 American League Cy Young Award Winner is Justin Verlander. This is just and correct. This is as it ought to be.

Justin Verlander did not just win the Cy Young award. He DOMINATED it. He EXHIBITED TOTAL MASTERY over it. He won it unanimously. Getting baseball voters to agree on anything may seem impossible, but it was inevitable here, because those who would seek to deny the majesty that is Justin Verlander found themselves eliminated from this plane of existence. Nature abhors a vacuum and other such abnormalities.

Of course Justin richly deserved this award. He threw a no-hitter and won many a baseball game and had good numbers and threw more pitches than the indoor batting cage pitching machine. All arguments are invalid and you know this in both your heart and your brain.

Jason Beck has the wacky-long article, wherein Justin claims that:

–Johan Santana in 2006 was downright studly,

–“If you had told me at the beginning of the year that I was going to be a shoo-in for the Cy Young, I would have been absolutely ecstatic and amazed and all these adjectives,” and

–Jered Weaver is “a good friend” of his.

I can’t help but have a sinking feeling that this award means he will somehow fail to win the MVP (which he also deserves and in a more perfect world would have already won by now)… but listen to me. Wah wah our team ace might not get the MVP award despite the fact that the Tigers didn’t make it to the World Series. Wah wah he only got a Cy Young. Wah wah First Baseball World Problems.

Justin Verlander, Cy Young. Justin Verlander, President of Pitching.

8 responses to “Justin Verlander wins the Cy Young award because of course he does.

  1. Praise be to Paws! Thy will be done!

  2. V for Victory! …and for mVp!!!

  3. This is only as it should be, but I have to admit that I couldn’t make myself 100% believe that he was going to win it until I saw the announcement. My poor Tigers-Fan heart has been disappointed too many times to react otherwise.

  4. I actually saw someone complaining about Verlander getting the Cy Young yesterday. Boggles the mind.

    • That would have been Rob Neyer, who thinks that Sabathia deserved much more consideration. The SweetSpot folks at ESPN.com shot that idea down pretty quickly.

  5. But they vote before the postseason, so there is hope!


  6. Is anyone else giggling that Jose Valverde finished higher in the voting than C.J. Wilson? Or is that just me?

    Kudos to the baseball writer types for recognizing the obvious when it smacks them over the head. :)

  7. I love how Justin’s arm morphs into the award! This has to be one of my favorite cartoons yet

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