illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Justin Verlander: your 2011 Most Valuable Player in the American League. A new illustration will be coming along as soon as I get some free time, but I don’t feel bad reusing this one right now, because going over the awesomeness of Justin Verlander again and again will never get old.

6 responses to “mVp

  1. Basking in the awesomeness that is Justin Verlander…

  2. There was no question who deserved the MVP this year. He showed the world that pitchers can be the most valuable player. But we cannot disclude Miguel Cabrera who had another Monster year. A great year in Detroit! We just need a World Series next year…

  3. So you’ve heard…

  4. This was richly deserved. On to the World Series…!

  5. I was disappointed by the coverage on ESPN and MLBN. If they were MY networks, I would have changed all programming to JV’s highlights, even the blooper where he threw to first behind the batter!

  6. Hell. Yes. So happy for JV, he truly deserved this.

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