Justin Verlander: MVP of everything.

all illustrations by Samara Pearlstein

Justin Verlander, MVP of baseball!

Justin Verlander, MVP of Detroit!

Justin Verlander, MVP of America!

Justin Verlander, MVP of the world!!

Justin Verlander, MVP of THE UNIVERSE!!

12 responses to “Justin Verlander: MVP of everything.

  1. We should have JV throwing a baseball at Luke Skywalker as part of Luke’s training.

    “Use the Force…or at least learn how to duck out of the way.”

  2. is the red wing’s mascot really a squid?

  3. well the fans throw squid on to the ice after a big goal or win so kinda maybe idk but what i do know is JV is the best freakin’ player in the MLB!!!! YEAH

  4. This should get an MVP of its own. :-D

  5. Awesome pictures! But JV is awesome so that’s fitting! Looking forward to next year…

  6. Is… is that Justin Verlander at the United Nations?

  7. this, like JV, is amazing.

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