Tigers things on a Lions Thanksgiving

photos by Samara Pearlstein

That is what I was doing on Thanksgiving, but of course you can’t go down to Ford without getting an eyeful of Comerica in its winter plumage. Here are just a few Tigers things that we stumbled upon on an otherwise very football-centric day.

The ferris balls have been bagged up.

Champions of the Central, champions of our hearts.

Ford/Comerica face-off.

Dave Dombrowski was there! Just walking around like any other mere mortal! Not, alas, wearing a striped polo, but wearing Tigers orange, which is almost as good. I did not run after him and make him aware that he had been recognized, because that would have been creepy. Not that taking a photo from afar isn’t creepy, but at least it’s a type of creepy that didn’t bug him in person. Right? Right.

So unseasonal, so beautiful.

Found these on the windows of the Germack Pistachio building out by Eastern Market. Germack is a nut supplier for the Tigers (and other Detroit teams), so I guess it makes sense for them to have baseball-related decorations in their windows, but these generic baseball decals are somehow unexpectedly funny– and much more charming than an outdated mini-Fathead of Magglio or whatever.


5 responses to “Tigers things on a Lions Thanksgiving

  1. *Sigh* Baseball season seems a long ways away. These pictures are kind of fun, but kind of melancholy too. Plus, I’m slightly distressed to find that DD does not wear striped shirts in the off-season.

  2. Goodness, Paws sure looks different in that “official” cartoon. He looks like a freakn pro wrestler for catsake. None of the all-wise beneficence he radiates from the pages of RotT.

  3. I can sleep well knowing now that there is, in fact, a Paws-mobile out there somewhere.

  4. I want a Pawsmobile of my own.

  5. Lets book him! 313-471-2224

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