Our Ramon will go on.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Ramon Santiago. The Detroit Tigers. Two years, $4 million. A thing that is happening.

I like Ramon Santiago on the team. He’s a good sort of player to have, one of the types of guys I feel most successful teams ought to have on the roster. Does he set the world aflame with his bat? Well, no, but that’s not his job. Do I show up at your place of employment and demand that you step up your tiger shark tagging stats? No. That’s not your job. Unless you happen to be a tiger shark field biologist, in which case you can imagine me demanding that you step up your astronaut duties.

Ramon Santiago is a utility player. He has advocated for a starting role for years, but let’s face it, no one is fooled. A utility player he has been, and at this point– at age 31, heading into his 10th season in Major League Baseball– a utility player he shall remain. Heck, he’s even built like a utility player. Under six feet tall! Possessing a body type Rod Allen would probably call slender! Genetically of utility!

So while the money does seem a bit steep, I will just assume that it’s at least a little bit influenced by service rendered, and it’s not my money anyways, or at least not very much of it, and doesn’t Ramon Santiago deserve some good cash money? He does. I look forward to an occasionally productive future with this utilitiest of utility players, yes indeed, nothing quite like locking up a good utili–

“Santiago and Ryan Raburn will be playing second base as the club stands today,” manager Jim Leyland said by phone Wednesday. “He will probably [also] get time at short [backing up Jhonny Peralta].”

“We are set to open with Santiago and Raburn,” [Dave] Dombrowski answered in an e-mail. “However, we will see what happens.”
Jason Beck/DetroitTigers.com


7 responses to “Our Ramon will go on.

  1. He is a very good utlity player. I expect that the Tigers will continue seeking to upgrade second base, but championship teams require players like Ramon.

  2. Rrrrrrramon! Saaaaaaaan-tee-ago!! You know what I’m sayin.

  3. Mario: Wow! Sneaky Power!
    me: Why can’t Detroit afford better broadcasters?

  4. I am glad to see this. I think we would have missed Rrrramon if we’d let him go.

  5. [Bursting into song]: Near, far, wherever you are,
    I believe our Ramon will go on . . .

  6. He is the best 2nd man in the lineup! anybody’s lineup!

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