biggest Tigers news of 2012 so far

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Big news. Huge news. The most news we have had in ages.

The Tigers have signed Eric Patterson to a minor league contract. Tremble in your cleats, division-mates! THE CENTRAL IS OURS NOW!

Actually, the only real ‘news’ lately is un-news: the fact that Jacob Turner is unlikely to be traded. It sure is starting to feel like the Tigers are hunkering down, ready to take on the baseball world with FredFred (freshly 23 years old! not such a baby anymore!) and Max’s Magical Eyes and a flurry of Fists and of course The Perfection.

This still leaves a fifth slot open for Phil Coke or kitten Turner or someone off the Energy Squad or whatever, but I guess that’s ok. Dave Dombrowski seems ok with it, and presumably he knows more about it than I do.

In any event, I was really just happy I had that shot of Patterson and Miggy already. Never thought I’d have a reason to use that ol’ thing!


5 responses to “biggest Tigers news of 2012 so far

  1. Thank god. Now that we’ve got our backup 2B/OF locked in place, we can get down to the business of winning the World Series. :)

  2. Miggy looks like he’s trying to say Patterson smells.

  3. I think a member of the Energy Squad might be a better starter than Phil Coke… It’s kind of similar to putting Papa Grande out there in a non-save situation for me. When Coke is so good at what he does out in the bullpen, why do you try to mess with it?

    • The Papa Grande analogy is a good one, because that does seem to be how it’s worked out… BUT… Papa Grande is a closer, sees himself as a closer, and performs best when he’s being used as such. Does Coke see himself as a starter? He sure used to. I don’t know if that’s changed at all post-Yankees, but if it hasn’t…

      I don’t really know what point I was making, but Phil Coke as a #5 isn’t the craziest thing in the world. My biggest concern is giving him more time on the mound just gives him more time to let one bad pitch affect more of the game, since he sometimes get too far inside his own head and lets that happen.

  4. We should let Patterson play 2B and Raburn in Center Field between Young in left and Boesch in right. and just forget that Austin Jackson ever existed

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