Happy ValenTigers Day!

drawings by Samara Pearlstein

Just a little Tigers affection for all you cats!

10 responses to “Happy ValenTigers Day!

  1. this is awesome!! Especially loved the Avila one.

  2. Found a candy heart with “My Prince” on it today…not sure what this may mean

  3. Just awesome! And congratulations on the well deserved Yahoo Sports mention.

  4. I feel so loved. Or lhoved.

  5. These…oh these are…I have no words. I am just sitting in a puddle of gooey Tiger love. Thank you.

  6. Oh how I wish I could have sent these out to everyone I know.

  7. Max Scherzer reminds me of Hypno-Toad in that picture. He should absolutely use those powers against hitters this year.

    I want to be Alex’s #1 catch….don’t tell my husband!

  8. I Love Jhonny P’s head

  9. avila has melted my cold black heart.

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