Spring is here.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Spring! Spring! Our favorite fuzzy little faces are all starting to show up in Lakeland! ‘Tis the season for all things fresh and green Detroit navy and growing. Rejoice in it, my feline friends. Enjoy the return to spring.

9 responses to “Spring is here.

  1. Always a great day..We are on the road to the 2012 World Series

  2. It was a beautiful day in Lakeland yesterday! You’ll all be happy to know that Valverde appeared full of . . . Valverdeness. Whoever decided putting both he and Coke in a workout group together should have known better.

    Also entertaining- the bromance developing between Miggy and Prince and they apparent re-bonding that was happening with Avila and Laird. Ah, G-Money. Welcome back.

  3. I obviously cannot type. You get the idea.

  4. Leyland on a flower…ahhhhh…..

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