a few snippets of spring news

illustrations by Samara Pearlstein

The Minnesota Twins signed Joel Zumaya. That is a fact. Why did they sign Joel Zumaya? About this, we can only speculate. Their hearts were filled with optimism and hope… or maybe they find velocity mysterious and seductive… or perhaps they simply saw a small but non-zero chance to really stick it to the Tigers. Maybe they anticipate their bullpen being just that bad.

Whatever the reason, they did it, and Tigers fans everywhere sighed and shook their heads and made all sorts of “oh, you’ll see,” statements. We knew, of course. We’re a bit beyond optimism and hope where Zoom is concerned. Velocity is a lot less seductive when you’ve seen what it can do to an arm in its raw, untrammelled state.

The season has not started yet. Heck, Spring Training games haven’t even started. Zoom is already out for the year. Torn UCL. The UCL attaches at the elbow. Given the nightmare-inducing things that have happened to Zoom’s elbow in recent years, nobody can call this surprising. At this point it is merely depressing.

Word on the internet street is that Zoom is going to have Tommy John surgery. Does this point to a continued belief that he can pitch in Major League Baseball? Or does he need the Tommy John simply to return his arm to some semblance of normal civilian functionality? It’s hard to believe that the former is a possibility, but he is only 27, and baseball is pretty much all he knows how to do.

CHEERFUL, I KNOW. So here’s the ongoing second base competition, for something both less awful and actually related to the 2012 Tigers.

8 responses to “a few snippets of spring news

  1. Poor Zoom. Yes, we knew this was probably coming. But still, a little part of you wanted to see him survive a season injury-free – even if it was for the Twins, and even though you knew what a miniscule chance there was of that happening.

    When she saw him pitch in 2006, and saw how excited the crowd got when he came in from the bullpen, my mother said she couldn’t help but be reminded of The Bird. Unfortunately for Joel, that now feels like a premonition. One season to remember, and then what?

    (By the way, the 2B cartoon is lovely as usual, although it’s hard to imagine a nice guy like Brandon actually hissing… even if he is a Tiger.)

  2. I laughed out loud at your rendering of the 2nd base battle, which I needed after Zoom broke my heart into a thousand pieces. My husband shares your theory that the TJ surgery may just be to make his elbow functional. Luckily, from my observations at ground zero (aka Lakeland) Saturday, the second base competition seems to be a bit more cheerful than pictured. Either that, or the three of them are putting on a really good show.

    I can report that a) Brandon’s arms are huuuuuuuge and b) he seems to be seeing the ball well and it looks good coming off his bat. So not all is horribleness!

  3. ‘Rupture via pitch’… urgh, it doesn’t get any easier to read even after all these years.

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  5. hey samara…this is so awesome…i cant believe how far you have come with your blog…and how much u really know about the tigers..and just how incredibly funny and talented u truly are…to think of u as a little girl sitting around the sedar table, metaphorically yawning whenever your dad and me and the kids (meaning jeremy, alex and eli) would inevitably bring up the tigers or some other detroit sports team, and now u probably have more knowledge that all of us combined!! :) great job and keep up the great work….GO TIGERS!!!! :)

  6. Where are you, Sam?? Haven’t heard a “roar” in a week!!

  7. IheartFredFred


    LOOK AT NUMBER 7. Just thought that this was amazing and you needed to see it! (:

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