Lately, in cartoons.

illustrations by Samara Pearlstein

You knew, in your deepest readerly heart, that I would lead with this. You did. You knew it and you accept it, because you read Roar of the Tigers and you know that HATERS GONNA HATE, but not here. No. Here we are excited by the return of Brandon Inge.

Against all reason? Yes. Against all currently accepted baseball wisdom? Yes, mostly. Once you accept the irrationality, it becomes quite pleasant, this place where up is down, black is white, and Brandon Inge is getting real actual at-bats.

You know what else happened recently? Of course the Terrible Cartoon tells you: everyone’s favorite walking emoticon made his big league debut.

It went ok. He only lasted 4 innings, and threw 90 pitches in that time, which is kind of… you know… not so great. But he managed to only give up one run. It was a Carlos Pena home run, which is not so great and also painful as it just makes us all miss the cats out of Carlos Pena (we waited so long for you, Carlos! SO LONG!).

He did walk three Rays, which is not so good when considered in the context of the aforementioned four innings. But none of them came home, which is… you know what, let’s just forget about it. He made his debut, now he’s got that out of the way, the team rallied ’round and won the game– let’s leave it there.

(In addition, this happened. IT BEGINS.)

Someone had a birthdaaaaaay! Happy 27th, Mr. Boesch.

In order to make room for Smyly, the Tigers had to put Clete Thomas on waivers, as he was out of options. I’m not sure what they thought would happen, but what did happen was this: the Twins snatched him up, and have accepted him into their loving sticky snackcake embrace.

Also, bears.

Sunday was Jackie Robinson Day. Forty-two for all! It is the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, you know.

6 responses to “Lately, in cartoons.

  1. Finally, a voice of reason when it comes to the subject of Brandon Inge! I did not read Twitter during yesterday’s game, which is my way of saying “lalalala I can’t hear you!”.

    I so expected a “White Sox Kill Kittens” graphic today! Probably best for everyone that we don’t dwell on that, though.

  2. Happiness is Brandon Inge in the lineup… But insanity is having him DH.

    Smyly! But can I get a sad face for poor Adam Wilk, who was doing so well in his debut as a starter until Prince decided to whack him in the pitching shoulder with a foul ball?

  3. Great for Inge! I went to the Smyly game and got on the big screen with a sign that said Look I Drew a q:) the q is a hat

  4. Douglas Adams is not talked about enough on Jackie Robinson day.

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