That is Not a Bunt, and Other Illustrations.

illustrations by Samara Pearlstein

A dude meets the baseball with his bat. The baseball hits that dude in the leg. The baseball then sort of bounces away from the dude, in the general direction of most things we would call bunts. But this baseball is not a bunt! Because– were you following closely?– it hit the batter in the leg before it went in that bunt-erly direction.

Complicated, I know, which is why there is a Terrible Cartoon explaining it up top. I have tried to make it as clear as clear can be. Alas, this was not clear enough for the umpires in Sunday’s game, who called Alberto Gonzalez’s obvious FOUL BALL a bunt single instead, which may not seem so bad as bad calls go, but it was a bunt single that SCORED THE WINNING RUN in the 11TH INNING, so… yeah, not cool. Not cool at all, umpires.

We may need to make sure the above diagram is printed and distributed to all umpiring crews in Major League Baseball. They may have it free of charge. I want neither fame nor fortune; I only want justice to be done.

Anyways. Other things:

I call this The Exquisite Suffering of Rick Porcello, For Which We Have No Real Explanation.

Remember when Prince Fielder stole a base? Remember when that was a real thing that really happened in a baseball game that counted? Whenever these latest Tigers failures start to get you down, just think back to that stolen base, and the jetpack that clearly had to be there to make it happen.

And hey, you know who got two hits on his own birthday, back on April 18? THIS CAT! Happy 29th, Miggy!

6 responses to “That is Not a Bunt, and Other Illustrations.

  1. GREAT cartoon that clearly shows a bunt vs. a foul ball. Yes, please distribute. Can we get a do over on that call?

  2. Let's Go Tigers

    The Porcello drawing was awesome. Great detail!!

  3. Baseball Oogie

    I will never be ask happy as Prince Fielder in that drawing. And that makes me sad.

  4. I love that picture of Prince forever! The one of Porcello is beautiful, but it just makes me sad. Oh, Ricky.

  5. That bunt call, coming a day after Philip Humber’s perfect game just gave me very sad Armando memories. Not to mention Game 163 Inge-hit-by-pitch memories.

    Why do the umps hate us?

  6. Agreeing with the crowd here: Porcello is painfully good, but Prince-with-jetpack is superlative.

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