Brandon Inge has been released.

It seems like we just recently dealt with this, but this time it is an unconditional release. Brad Eldred will be brought up in his stead. Who the heck is Brad Eldred? Who cares.

So that’s that. Pretty final.

And yes, Inge sucks. But this also sucks. I’m sure I’ll have many more thoughts somewhere down the line, but right now I can’t give you much more than that. Sucks.

31 responses to “Brandon Inge has been released.

  1. I had a feeling this would happen this season, but I really didn’t want to believe it, and I didn’t think it would be this soon. The only bright spot I’m finding is that I don’t have to listen to the booing every time Inge plays, which just made me angry and depressed.

    This leads to the immature part of me now being furious that those people feel like they’ve won, that they somehow booed loudly enough to convince the front office to fire him. I have news for those people. We didn’t get swept by Seattle because Inge was on the team.

    Sad, sad, crappy day.

  2. Thanks, Brandon . You will always be remembered for your loyalty to the Tigers and for your community service , especially involving children’s health.. I hope you are picked up by a team that needs a 3B man and a classy guy!

  3. I know that there are people everywhere celebrating about this, but this guy is honestly the least of our problems. Hopefully now that he’s gone, Tiger fans won’t have something to snarl about all the time…

    • They’ll just scapegoat someone else. This is what always happens. Fans expect the team to do well and when it doesn’t, they pick a guy to put the blame on and think that getting rid of him will fix all the problems. I just wasn’t aware Inge was a pitcher . . .

  4. I really hate that it had to end this way. I was hoping we’d win the World Series, Brandon would get a ring (after hitting in the game-winning run in at least one game), and then be able to retire gracefully as a Tiger. (Although the words “Brandon Inge” and “retire gracefully” probably don’t belong in the same sentence. I know he needs to be in the middle of the action to be happy.)

    But, at the same time, I know the way things couldn’t last the way they were going on. I have been so ashamed of so-called Tigers’ fans the last few weeks. I don’t care how he’s hitting (and, may I point out, Inge STILL has more home runs this season than Albert Pujols), you don’t boo a member of your own team. Not like that.

    And then this happens on the day that Miggy overtook him as the home-run leader of Comerica Park. In a game he didn’t even get to play in. It just sucks. Brandon’s been “My Tiger” since 2001, and now I don’t have one. I like all the rest of the guys all right, but I don’t feel that special “My Tiger” connection with anyone else yet.

  5. He was a good, hard nosed player, but never came back after double knee surgery during his All Star season. I never understood the antipathy he engendered; he was a frustrating hitter, but he always played hard.

    However, given his hitting problems, along with his understandable difficulties playing a new position, the Tigers had no other option.

  6. But most of all I’ll miss the cartoon facial hair of Brandon Inge.

  7. Well wasn’t that a perfect way to end a perfect day :(

  8. Very sad on Brandon, but I do know that Brad Eldred is doing good.

  9. So sad about this, even though I knew it had to happen. I hate the way people have been acting like he’s the reason for any problems the team may be having. As if there weren’t other guys not hitting right now. I guess he was supposed to somehow carry the whole team. The Tigers will start to do better soon (hopefully against the Yankees!) and the haters will say it was because they got rid of Brandon, but that’s not why.

    Best of luck to him, whatever he decides to do after baseball. He’s given a lot back to the community, and I think was probably a good teammate to the other guys on the team even when he wasn’t hitting.

  10. That picture is super depressing. :/

  11. Good bye, Brandon. You hung on way too long, although it wasn’t your fault, and will no doubt bounce around a bit more before you finally call your playing career quits.

    After that if the Tigers don’t have some kind of community ambassador role for him they are amazingly stupid. He would be great at that.

  12. Thank god he is finally gone. Good riddance Brandon. You have sucked for years.

  13. +1, Chris. Thank Paws, it’s finally over. Down River Debbie can finally stop championing this Career .230 Hitter and the Tigers can get back to playing ball. Imagine Brandon stealing ink from the likes of Miggy and Prince? Sheesh.

  14. I was heartbroken in the 2000-2001 offseason. My favorite Tiger, Brad Ausmus, had been traded. Then, my dad showed me a newspaper article on our new young catcher, billed as the second coming of Ausmus. That was Brandon Inge, and I was hooked.

    Maybe I had other official Favorite Tigers (Steve Sparks, Mike Maroth and Todd Jones spring to mind). But Brandon was always there, steady and reliable. He was the last connection to the bad/good old days, when I got laughed at in middle school and high school for liking such a horrifically bad team. I felt like he’d been through all the crap I had, and seeing him enjoy seasons like 2006 was just heartwarming.

    Brandon never brought shame on the Tigers–he was always classy and you could always be proud of everything he was doing. I took special delight in his every hit and fantastic play, and the way I never had to draw my special scoring symbol, the pansy, next to his name. That was reserved for players who should’ve dived, or gotten their unis otherwise dirty, and didn’t because they were … well, pansies.

    I’m going to miss Brandon terribly … and also the Terrible Cartoons of him, which were always especially fun. This just sucks.

  15. He may not have been anywhere near his prime anymore but I will miss the hell out of him. I was hoping beyond hope that somehow he’d have one last good spell to stay with the team and avenge 2006 (damned Deadbirds!) but alas, not to be. Maybe the boys will rally and get it done for him (among many other reasons, obviously)? I hate that it ended like this, with Tigers fandom turning against him. He doesn’t deserve to be the scapegoat.

    *sigh* Farewell, Brandon.

  16. He’s gone and htey still lost tonight. Which just goes to show you he wasn’t the problem after all. I”m sure they’ll get out of this funk soon but I just get frustrated when people pin a team’s occasional losing streaks on one person.

  17. I just read that the A’s picked him up.

  18. I don’t think anyone I know thought Inge was the entire problem, but just a part of the whole thing. He was playing horribly and actually hurting the team, so sure he wouldn’t solve all the problems the Tigers had if he was released, but he would solve the one component of the problem that was a player hitting well under 0.100, striking out often, swinging at balls outside the strike zone more than pretty much anyone else in the lineup, and no longer having the mobility required to play adequate defense. It was really ugly seeing him still try to play and sad to see him get booed for hurting the team despite his best efforts.

    Of course he didn’t solve everything by getting released, but the team is better off at this point in his career. RIP Inge’s knees.

  19. Of course he was terrible and needed to go. I was reacting more to the mean comments on other blogs and the way the fans booed him. I know it happens, but it always seems worse when the guy seems to be trying and has a good attitude.

  20. Oops sorry, didn’t mean to post under two names. nwcrochets and norahw are both me.

  21. Always sad to see a long-time Tiger go like this, and I agree with some others above who are saying that he was definitely hurting the team, overall… But also with Baroque97 that his knee injuries are probably worse than anyone is giving them credit for (little-known fact: him and Chase Utley are battling the same problems, the difference being that Inge got a corrective (though nobody can say for sure how much corrective) surgery, whereas Utley hasn’t… yet). But somebody has to say this: How they continue to give Raburn more and more at-bats, when he’s playing just as poorly as Inge, and maybe worse… I have no idea how this is happening. I asked Danny Knobler (on Twitter) if the proposed full-time infield of Cabrera-Peralta-Raburn-Fielder would be the worst fielding infield anywhere in the last 10 years (or 20? or 50?), Knobler’s non-response response sort of said it all: “we’ll see. not great.”

    • Maybe Raburn will be next? Someone, I forgot who, facetiously suggested that they were keeping him around because his bat always seems to heat up in the second half.

      Everything is just falling apart for them right now. Fielding, pitching (with some exceptions), hitting, off-field crap with Delmon Young. I hope facing the Royals will help help, at least with the pitching and hitting.

      • Raburn has had at-bats in all months of the season every year since 2008. His worst months (min 30 PA in a month): 2008: Sept/Oct (.184/.262/.237); 2009: July (.236/.288/.400); 2010: July (.212/.281/.269); 2011: May (.113/.141/.129) & a pretty bad June, too (.229/.257/.400); and, of course, April of 2012 is just now finished and he’s at .148/.220/.185. They need to face it, he’s just plain streaky, no matter the time of year. He often just disappears offensively for long stretches. Besides, he makes less money, so I’d bet you could get a AA lefty with a pulse if you wanted to trade him, whereas they had to release Inge and get nothing in return. And let’s not even mention his fielding abilities (or lack thereof). If you couldn’t tell, I’m just beside myself about it.

  22. Is it just me, or does anyone else find themselves cyberstalking the A’s these days? Brandon, I don’t know how to quit you!

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