Octavio Dotel’s little problem.

I expect it’s something more or less like this. In any event it’s as good an explanation as I’ve seen for his recent, er, performance.

illustrations by Samara Pearlstein

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9 responses to “Octavio Dotel’s little problem.

  1. I would laugh… except it still hurts too much to think about…

  2. It was a tough loss, and last night was not much better. However, Kurosawa would approve of this Rashomon-like set of cartoons.

  3. Wow, you totally nailed Ichiro, right down to the demeanor (and that baffling shade of green of the jersey – what would you call that anyway?). Nice.

  4. Octavio Marine?

  5. How about a series about how the Tigers hitters see the ball? Oh, wait . . . ::sigh::

  6. I love that Ichiro is doing his Ichiro thing.

    I don’t love how Dotel sees the strikezone, but I do think it’s probably an accurate rendering…

  7. These illustrations, so lovely. Poor Dotel….that was just excruciating.

  8. The last one looks like Ichiro got his guts flung everywhere

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