Hello to Quintin Berry, and other things.

illustrations by Samara Pearlstein

I am just not sure what to make of this team right now. It seems like every time I watch a game, they find some slightly different, equally exciting way to make a mess of things. The Justin Verlander almost-no-hitter? I was in a bar, watching the Red Sox/Phillies game. You see? My gaze is apparently poison. This does not bode particularly well for next week’s Tigers-in-Boston series, but we’ll shove Gerald Laird over that hurdle when the time comes.

Anyways, welcome to Quintin Berry, who made his Tigers debut and his big league debut at the same time. He also got his first hit out of the way, and it was special indeed: a bunt double. I’m sure every cat wants his first hit to be a home run, but this has got to be memorable. Let’s hear it for the aggregate fruit!

Papa Grande tight back woes? Papa Grande tight back woes.

Austin Jackson’s strained abdomen was supposed to be fine by now, but he was scratched from the lineup due to lingering ouchies. This is obviously Not Good, although I don’t think Quintin Berry is complaining too loudly.

Last bit: this happened about a week ago, but it’s still a good story. Will Rhymes got hit during a game, then passed out from the adrenaline response or somesuch. When he woke up and was asked some questions to determine his brainstate…

Yeah. He said he was Batman.

Come back to us, Will Rhymes? Please? Pretty pretty please??

6 responses to “Hello to Quintin Berry, and other things.

  1. The bunt double game would have gone better if they hadn’t let an Octavio Dotel clone in an umpire’s uniform call the balls and strikes that night.

    • Seriously. That was pure insanity.

      I have a baseball crush on the Rays as a team(which works out well being a MI transplant living in Florida), so if Will has to be anywhere, I’m glad he’s there. The Batman incident just cracked me up.

      On a more serious note, the ways this team have found to lose so far have been so mind-numbingly stupid that I just don’t even know what to do anymore. I love them, but my husband is keeping matches away from me because I keep threatening to set fire to the whole team.

  2. Quintin Berry looks delicious.

    I was waiting for the Rhymes cartoon as soon as I saw that story… does not disappoint.

  3. I had heard about the Rhymes incident, but didn’t follow it closely enough, apparently. Had no clue he said he was Batman, and was pleasantly surprised when I got to this cartoon. Laughed so hard. I love that he said that. Hilarious.

  4. Amid the Berry and Batman cartoons, it’s been overlooked, but I have to say that AJ’s “strained” abdominal is also pure genius. It took me a second to figure out, but once I did, I laughed out loud.

  5. I like Berry and hope that we keep him in the Bigs after Jackson returns.

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