Thanks, Magglio.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Remember the good.

Click for big.


9 responses to “Thanks, Magglio.

  1. WOW.

  2. ivantopumpyouup

    Beautiful, Sam.

  3. thanks sam…..we will always remember the hair and the magglio wigs attached to a cap giveaway. It was a moving ceremony. Maggs as humble and gracious as ever. I will always remember that night in 2006!! Maggs was the best part of today at Comerica… Jeter ruined the mood on the first pitch.

  4. Absolutely fantastic.

  5. Love this! He will always be one of my favorite Tigers!

  6. Another gem!

  7. I was surprised when they said Maggs had been with us for 7 years, because the time just flied. (Probably because we were having so much fun.) He had some moments with us that we will remember forever, and for that he ranks among the all-time Tiger greats… That, and the hair…

  8. Tremendous!

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