What’s a win without a Potato?

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Post-2006, it’s especially good to beat the Cardinals. Any time Justin Verlander takes the mound, it is especially good to win (to do otherwise is, of course, downright wasteful). Multiple Tigers had multiple hits in this game. Runs were scored. Justin did that thing where he toodles along for a while, then gets super mad after he puts some dudes on base and reacts by throwing pitches at 10,000 miles per hour, all breaking the sound barrier and causing Rafael Furcal to wet himself and so on. All to the good.

But in the 8th, warming up in the bullpen, Papa Grande threw a pitch that his wrist did not like. He tried to keep throwing and was unable to do so. He immediately had an X-ray and was going to get an MRI. Nobody is crying ULTIMATE DOOM just yet– the current ‘official’ injury is simply the aspecific ‘sore wrist’– but obviously this is worrying and bad and disturbing and concerning and

YOU GUYS, YOU KNOW WHO ELSE HURT HIS ARM JUST THROWING IN THE BULLPEN? Yeah. Yeah, you do know. And you tremble in your computer chair at that unwelcome memory.

Join me in desperately hoping that this is a whole lot of nothing. For your sanity, and mine.

10 responses to “What’s a win without a Potato?

  1. Just when we seem to be rolling, merely 1 1/2 games behind the White Sox. Ugh!

    I don’t really think that, but it sounds kinda cool to say it, particularly if you can pull off a James-Earl-Jones-as-Thulsa-Doom voice . . .

  3. Man, we were at the game last night, and I had no idea! On the other hand, Coke rocked it, so that was good :)

  4. I find it tremendously amusing that the YouTube ad associated with this post is for Absolut. The only way it would be better is if it would be a true potato vodka.

  5. Are you trying to imply that he’s done? “Stick a fork in him…”

    Eeek. I am not panicking yet. Although of course I thought of Zoom and I remembered exactly where I was when his finger exploded the first time. (Well, actually, the other time something exploded on him in a game it was his elbow, wasn’t it?)

    I’m proud of Cokey, and glad all of JV’s efforts didn’t go to waste, though. Is it just me, or when he pulls that putting guys on base and then throwing 10,000 mph thing to get them out, I am always reminded of the Incredible Hulk. “Don’t make me angry! You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!”

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