Prince Fielder’s home runs are the prettiest.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

I don’t really care who wins this abysmally stupid Home Run Derby, because we all know that, regardless of outcome, this is the truth.

ETA: He went and won it anyways, right in the face of my apathy. Take that, Major League Baseball.


10 responses to “Prince Fielder’s home runs are the prettiest.

  1. He put how many in the fountain? Of course they’re the prettiest!

    Also, Robinson Cano = Brandon Inge. (Yeah, yeah, he had a late night last night. I don’t care. It was sweet to see Grandy try and help his dad out, though.)

  2. The home run derby does nothing for me, although I am glad that Prince won. My favorite Prince homers are the 3 run variety, such as he hit on Thursday and Sunday. In some ways, though, Prince is at his most impressive on a routine ground ball-always running hard, always hustling. He has been a great addition.

  3. Is this what the announcers were talking about ‘points’

  4. Sadly, my reason for watching the derby tends to be spotting adorable children of ball players in their adorable little mini jerseys. Watching Prince hit balls into the fountain was an excellent bonus, however.

    • Well, yeah, that’s the main reason I watch too. It’s fun to see the players just as people, even, in the case of the all the players not in the derby, just as spectators.

  5. I would totally hang this picture somewhere in my house if given the opportunity. Seriously.

  6. Love how the vertical scroll works to sloooowly reveal the source of the spaceball. :)

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  8. One of your greatest “hits” IMHO. LOVE this Sam.

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