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illustration by Samara Pearlstein

An important part of your daily breakfast!

It’s kind of unusual to be able to talk about the Tigers doing things on the basepaths that are not a) incompetent, b) incredibly stupid, or c) both incompetent and incredibly stupid, so Quintin Berry’s two-steal day seems noteworthy. For other teams it may not be– those strange other teams, with their “emphasis on teaching good base-stealing instincts” and “players who possess good base-stealing instincts” and “managers who consider the steal a legitimate weapon in their arsenal instead of a thing that happens sometimes, for some reason, and maybe benefits the team or maybe doesn’t, who knows.”

But the Tigers are not those other teams, so Quintin Berry, with his 14 successful steals and 0 caught stealing incidents, appears wonderfully refreshing in Detroit, as all good summer berries should.

There was also a Brennan Boesch home run, which is a nice thing to see and maybe a thing we could see more of, if the second half is kind to Brennan and Brennan decides to be kind back. Rod and Mario made it a point to mention that Brennan grew up on the west coast, but was a Dodgers fan as a child. The Angels were beneath him.

Of FredFred we will not speak, except to mention that when he was pitching to Mike Trout, he was pitching to a professional baseball player younger than him, and that makes every last one of us feel Old As Hell.


7 responses to “Your daily dose of SpeedBerry

  1. Dat’s one fast berry.

  2. your whole blog makes me feel Old As Hell Sam. Destination reading, but the difference between sitting on the shoulder of M-59 to hear Tanana shut down the Jays on the last day of 87 v. coming to this site makes me want to reach for the geritol. I won’t even think about my first Tig’s being LeFlore and Thompson.

    • Wanna feel even older?

      Since I don’t live in MI anymore, I don’t get the Tigers on the radio, but due to work I spend a lot of time in my car, often when they’re playing. Nowadays, because I have the thing that comes with radio, I can put the Tigers radio broadcast on my phone, sit it in my cup holder so it boosts the sound, and listen to the Tigers that way while I’m stuck on the unspeakably bad Boston roads.


      • is the best thing that ever happened to this live in the middle of the woods way up in Canada, ‘D’ fan from Windsor. Thankfully it is the Blue Jays that are blacked out north of the border, instead of the tabbies. Hate to think what would have happened had the ump blown the call on Q’s swipe of third the other night that led to the ‘W’.

  3. Wilcoxon Signed-Rank

    I still haven’t seen Berry linked to the old video game being Q-bert. He hops from square to square “just” like Q hops from base to base (when allowed). Someone has to give this association legs….

  4. While we are suggesting associations, could thre please be a Chet Lemon and Quintin Berry cartoon?

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