Fish to Cats, Cat to Fish

photos by Samara Pearlstein

Word on the Internet Street: Jacob Turner has been traded to the Marlins for Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante. I think there were some other minor league Cats involved too but whatever.

Initial reaction: SECOND BASE LIVES

Here is a super old photo I had of Omar Infante picking his nose.


I’m ok with this, more or less. Convince me otherwise, doomsayers.

9 responses to “Fish to Cats, Cat to Fish

  1. My husband immediately freaked about the Turner aspect, but I’ve been trying to prepare him for the fact that we were going to lose Tuner in any trade that was worth making all season. I didn’t really want to lose him, either, but I’m okay with it based on what we’re getting (so far). With as well as the team is playing right now, these pieces seem to be a nice fit.

    Welcome back, Omar!

  2. The only thing that bothers me about the deal is that Sanchez is a free agent after this season. Turner is too high a price to pay if Sanchez is no more than a 2 month rental.

    Omar is a great pick up.

  3. The team needed more Venezuelans . . .

  4. The Return of Omar Goodness! Yeah, Jacob Turner, we hardly knew ‘ye. But somehow that makes it easier. If we’d spent more time together, I might feel worse about it. But, hopefully, this will be one of those trades that works out for everybody. The Marlins are so down right now, I’m feeling generous.

  5. Tigers lost a fantastic catching prospect in Rob Brantly. Given the current behind-the-plate situation, I’m of the opinion that this might hurt Future-Tigers even more than losing Turner.

  6. In all honesty Beth they have a few very solid catching prospects as well as pitching prospects still in the system. They will be fine. BTW the top prospect at catcher was our No 1 pick last year.

  7. Catching prospect? Hey, we still have Patrick Leyland on the farm, right? (Har, Har)

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