Let’s just see if this helps.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Worth a shot.

20 responses to “Let’s just see if this helps.

  1. It helps me. I feel better already

  2. I don’t know if there are words for how much I love this.

  3. Casey on the Bench

    Sure it helps. That cat KNOWS it isn’t going to the playoffs, so it makes us all happy just to pet the pretty kitty.

  4. 虎のパワー幸運最大

  5. All together now, “Awwww”

  6. A quick look at the standings seems to indicate it helps a lot.

  7. LAA just beat the White Sux, but we lost the first game of the twin-bill vs. the Twins. Go Smyly, we can tie this thing up tonight then we’ll know your ‘toons have helped.

  8. It’s working so far . . .

  9. Kitty is our lucky charm!! And she is so cute. Don’t change a thing!!

  10. Friday morning, up by 2…This is helping….

  11. 3 games left and the magic number is 1. This is certainly working.

  12. The problem is that I can’t remove the cartoon now!

  13. Change nothing. You don’t need that guilt.. Or just be sure to include Kitty in the corner of any new ‘toon….

  14. I would buy this for a shrine on my mantle. Do you perchance work in ceramics at all?

  15. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!! It worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. It worked big time! Go Tigers!

  17. Waving goodbye to the White Sox. How prescient it was. I remember looking at it the first few times and not getting it. It took reading the comments to get it. Even though I still might not really get it.

    Division title. AL pitching record. Triple Crown. Possibly an MVP and a Cy Young Award. World Series victory? That’s some cartoon.

    But I kinda miss the blog posts…

  18. After tonight listening to the opera singers at the pub, our mutual friend Less had to explain the entire concept of the lucky kitty to me. I thought it was just a cute image of Paws. Ha! Congratulations, Samara, you done won it for the good guys!

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