Happy Holidays from Roar of the Tigers

illustrations by Samara Pearlstein (click for bigger)

Triple Crown? Or one very fancy crown and two festive holiday hats? Given the season I think we can all figure out the appropriate answer to that question.

Happy Holidays from Terrible Cartoon Miguel Cabrera, and Roar of the Tigers!

One other holiday present from me to all you cats: Yahoo’s Big League Stew recently had a joke list ranking MLB GMs by hotness. Dave Dombrowski made it into the top 10, at #6. There are some very debatable choices– Brian Cashman is absolutely not hotter than Dombrowski, and there is no WAY Kevin Towers is #1– and of course if Theo Epstein was still a GM instead of a President of Baseball Shenanigans or whatever his title is with the Cubs now, he’d be the undisputed champion. But Mr. D has still brought great pride to the city of Detroit with his magnificent hair and magisterial chin. Obviously this cannot go unremarked or uncartooned.

Striped polo shirts are so in.

7 responses to “Happy Holidays from Roar of the Tigers

  1. Happy belated Chanukah, Sam! As for that Dombrowski toon… not too sure if that’s a Christmas present, or a metaphorical lump of sexy coal…

  2. Happy holidays to you too Sam!

  3. I laughed out loud!

  4. Love the farmer’s/baseball tan.

  5. Love Three Headed Miguel… is that anything like Cerberus?? Not so sure on Dave myself but my wife approves!

  6. Oh my… I haven’t had this feeling upon visiting Roar of the Tigers since that shirtless Leyland Photoshop from a few years ago.

    That feeling of “Please, for the love of Paws, put on a shirt!”

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