Happy Passover from Roar of the Tigers!

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

It may be the last full day/night of Passover, but here at Roar of the Tigers that means it’s just about time for a Passover cartoon. Tomorrow there shall be wonders aplenty following the FIRST GAME OF THE NEW SEASON, but for now– just this.

Hope you’re having a good one, and a pleasant Easter, and a nice official Opening Day (even if it’s just various Texans tonight). Click the picture to see it bigger, and on Monday: let’s go Tigers.

3 responses to “Happy Passover from Roar of the Tigers!

  1. Excellent. Let’s get off to a good start at frigid Target Field.

  2. I notice the starting time is 4:30. I guess they need to let the heat of the day die down a bit before they can play.

  3. You need to do a cartoon for the 2013 tigers

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