All of a sudden: a real trade.

Sure, there was the acquisition of Jose ‘Middle Relief Master’ Veras. But it seemed like that was the only thing the Tigers were going to do before the trade deadline this year. There were no solid rumors floating around out there. Dave Dombrowski was making sounds with his mouth that were something along the lines of, “That’s all, folks.” All appeared quiet on the midwestern front.

Then, suddenly: BAM! TRADE!!!!

This business is not, at time of blog-posting, finalized or confirmed. But the story right now has Avisail Garcia going to the Wrong Sox, Jake Peavy going to the Red Sox, and Jose Iglesias coming to the Tigers. The idea, for the Tigers, would seem to be that Iglesias could step into the shortstop position if/when Jhonny Peralta finds himself suspended for certain allegedly steroid-based alleged business connections.

I do not like the idea of Miguel Cabrera’s own personal mini-me ending up on the wrong side of Chicago… but I do find the idea of Iglesias in Detroit intriguing. One might even say pleasing. For all the baseball reasons, and also, more importantly, because he is already BFF with Little Victor.

I took those in Boston, in 2011. I can only assume that their friendship has strengthened and grown ever since.

(Cartoons, and a very exciting tale of my recent trip to Detroit, coming soon. But the Tigers had to go and do this first.)

3 responses to “All of a sudden: a real trade.

  1. While I do not like seeing Garcia go, this is a very good trade for the Tigers. Iglesias is a big defensive upgrade over Jhonny, is very young, and is a long way away from free agency. And if he is a friend of Little Victor’s, what more needs to be said?

  2. I know Little Victor has grown a little bit since these were taken… hopefully Iglesias has as well.

  3. I was going to say, any friend of Little Victor is a friend of the Tigers.

    But at the cost of Minny Miggy! :( Let me go grieve a while and then I’ll think about warming up to this Iglesias guy.

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