illustration by Samara Pearlstein

We all knew this was coming, but I suppose it still requires a post. Jhonny Peralta, Biogenesis, steroidy steroids, 50-game suspension.

The Tigers obviously knew this was coming too, as the signing of Jose Smooth Defensive Operator Iglesias shows. Thus nobody is surprised by any of this, and because Mr. Dombrowski had taken the steps necessary to make sure that Jhonny’s suspension would not put the team in an immediate bind, it’s hard to get too worked up. Some dudes did steroids, or at the very least made the mistake of associating heavily with a company positively schmeared with steroid residue. Those dudes are now being suspended, and potentially, depending on how much meddling they’ve tried to do pre-suspension, banned (good work, ARod). The Tigers lose a shortstop; the Tigers have a shortstop. The wheel turns.

The only one who really got run over by all this was Avisail Garcia, cruelly ripped from the tender bosom of his role model and sent to the dank, Miguel-Cabrera-less south side of Chicago as part of the series of moves that brought Iglesias to Detroit. So it goes.


6 responses to “Bhiogenesis

  1. Ugh. Yucko. We’re going to miss that bat. I’ll admit to not following the sordid details of the Biogenesis story, but are we to be fairly confident that he did in fact use bad substances? Because if he did, then the suspension is deserved, but if he didn’t it seems like a terribly harsh raw deal for him.

  2. OMG, that cartoon! Don’t think I’ll be ordering a print of that one, though. ;)

  3. I don’t know, something about this Biogenesis stuff just reminds me of Weapons of Mass Destruction. What are we going to find out about this five years from now?

    If these players indeed did use the stuff, they deserve to be suspended, but I have no respect for the way MLB has handled all this. Either you have evidence that they broke the rules or you don’t. Punish them if you do. Move on. But nobody deserves to have their name smeared all over the media for months before their employer disciplines them.

  4. I am very very sad, because Jhonny was My Tiger. I loved the way he seemed to blossom after Cleveland traded him away for a bag of baseballs. I read forum chatter where Cleveland fans cheered his departure! So he had some great times for us in Detroit, and now I wonder how much was the PEDs. Jhonny’s statement refers to making a mistake in Spring 2012. 2012 was his mediocre year with the Tigers.

  5. Sad. Just very sad. Great cartoon, though.

  6. The fact that no one but A-Roid is disputing his sentence doesn’t bode well for our Say It Ain’t So wishes. And if It’s So then, sadly –good rhiddance,
    One more good bat isn’t worth bringing shame to the D.
    My sympathy’s with the collateral damage: Villareal & Li’l Miggy. Best to ya, boys, in all your not-against-the-Tigers endeavors.

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