When position players pitch, we experience true magic.

I don’t even have time to scan this in, let alone color it properly, but I cannot let this pass by without a cartoon. So here it is, cruddy phone image and all.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Ryan Raburn pitched a 1-2-3 inning. The best part is that the Tigers were up by so many runs that we were all able to enjoy this surreal little baseball moment with a sort of wry fondness. If the Tigers had been losing, the sight of Ryan Raburn striking out Matt Tuiasosopo might have led to mass defenestration of Tigers fans. As it was, it just elicited astonishment and amusement, along with a bit of sympathy for Tui.

Turns out Raburn is not the worst ever at pitching. Who would’ve thought it? Terry Francona and Ryan Raburn, apparently.

5 responses to “When position players pitch, we experience true magic.

  1. A great ending to a terrific series.

  2. That was glorious! And poor Tui is never going to live it down :)

  3. I want that jersey.

  4. As the Tigers had a substantial lead in the game, my wife and I decided to go out to Casey’s for burgers. I wasn’t really following the game any more, and then I heard the call come out from bar: “Hey, Raburn’s pitching!!” So we pivoted around and enjoyed the moment on the bar TVs.

    My wife had left the Tivo running, so we got to catch Rod & Mario’s commentary when we got home. I hope Raburn didn’t catch too much flak for having a good time while his team was losing.

    This is the second pitching appearance by an ex-Tiger position player this year; Casper Wells did it earlier, not against the Tigers though.

    It truly was a great series. Just what I needed in my moments of despair after the chemically-induced events earlier in the week, to restore my faith in baseball.

  5. Casper Wells had a second pitching appearance this year, for a different team. This time it was in the 18th inning with the game on the line, and Casper could only manage two outs before giving up runs.

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