illustrations by Samara Pearlstein

This is an accurate depiction of me right now, even down to the flashing emergency vehicle lights, as an ambulance went screaming by my apartment in full wail at the very moment I received the textual message informing me of this trade. For a brief moment I thought the local EMTs had started employing some sort of precog system and they were coming for me.

Let’s take a look at this in bald print:


Additional facts, or semi-facts:

–Prince Fielder did not perform well in the postseason. The reasons, or potential reasons, for this do not even fall under the category of ‘semi-facts’ at the moment, so let us not even go there. But that he did not hit the baseball in a timely fashion, that is known and documented.

–Ian Kinsler has been to the All Star Game three times.

–Ian Kinsler is signed through 2017, with an option on 2018. Prince Fielder is signed through 2020. Ian Kinsler is owed $62 million, or $69 million if that option is picked up. Prince Fielder is owed $168 million. That is a difference of $106 or $99 millions of American dollars.

–The Tigers will also be sending the Rangers $30 million, according to the Freep. This is not exactly getting out of Prince’s contract scot-free, but given the amounts in play it is close enough to be functionally astonishing.

–Therefore we must now come to grips with the fact that Dave Dombrowski might be a real life actual wizard.

There are many things that can happen now– the extra money freed up for the Tigers should allow them to extend Max’n’Miggy, and maybe pursue some much-needed help in other areas. There are now newly created needs, like someone who can intimidate opposing pitchers into not avoiding Miguel Cabrera’s place in the lineup, and someone who can be Miguel Cabrera’s new BFF. We have already seen what life is like without a functional Prince backing up Cabrera, but we can’t go forward with some weakling who won’t command pitcherly respect in the cleanup spot; that way a Major League record for intentional walks lies.

I don’t know. In all honesty, this move came so completely out of the Detroit navy blue for me that I am still too stunned to react in any intelligent way to it.

I will however say this:

I am going to miss Prince Fielder. Not Postseason 2013 Prince. But the fun, huggable, mysterious-handshake-doing Prince, with his desire to always run hard down the line, even when it meant jettisoning his batting helmet into center field with a slide. The Prince Fielder who went into a potentially terrible situation, with the shadow of his father still looming large in Detroit, with as good a will as one could ever hope for. The Prince Fielder who seemed to have fun on the field; the nacho-stealing Prince Fielder. The Prince Fielder who saw a Tigers fan hanging out quietly behind the dugout during batting practice on a cool July day in Boston and went out of his way to go up and ask if she wanted anything signed.

This is a very different Prince from the one we’ve been hearing about, with greater or lesser degrees of accuracy, in whispers and half-statements and flights of speculative fancy ever since the postseason. But that’s the one I’m going to think about when I think about Prince Fielder in Detroit. Haters to the left.

Now, Ian Kinsler…

Let’s just say it’s going to be, for the first time in a VERY long time, an extremely special Chanukah here at RotT. Get psyched.

14 responses to “THERE HAS BEEN A TRADE

  1. Really? Can I really be first? Sam, it’s everything we could have hoped for. Ol’ bi-eyes stays put and the banks return to the gold standard. Nathan returns midwest to host his own mid-summer closer/hot dog fest (your father can supreme judge). And, dare I predict, the Red Sox keep their CF as we’ll be using an Illitch favorite in LF named Grandy batting two. I’m going to sleep now. Keep the commonwealth fires burning.

  2. I am voting for actual wizardom for Dumbrowskidor. Love Price but love this move more.

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  4. I think it is a great trade which should help us both financially and defensively(Miggy back to first, Castellanos to third?), and likely gives us a legitimate lead off man. I too will miss Prince: He always played hard and was pretty productive, except for the postseason.

  5. Cartoon Kinsler already looks pretty good…

    Prince should do very well in Texas. Easy to hit there, and far less emotional baggage. And if he has to stay in the AL, at least it’s the west.

  6. Have Dombrowski and Dumbledore ever been seen in the same room together? I wonder…
    This came from about as out of the blue as the deal when we got Prince. I kept thinking there was no way, with that big contract, we were going to be able to unload him anywhere, so we were going to inevitably lose Max. And Prince was going to get booed next season because, apparently, we boo our own players in Detroit, now. (Which is something I have NEVER been okay with.)
    And I wake up this morning and there is this. And I’m kind of thinking this sounds like a win-win for everybody. (I hope Miggy agrees.)

  7. Perfect summation. I too will miss the hustling, sliding, nacho stealing Prince. Bon Voyage.

  8. you mean, Thanksgivukkah : )

  9. I actually … feel better now. Thank you!!!

  10. I’m glad and I’m sad. I realize this helped in the $$ may now be available for Max and Miguel. Prince was a force in his own right, but off-field issues and post-season production may have taken their toll.

    Prince “accepted” the trade offer, or it would have not happened. Maybe he felt it was time to move on.

    Nice article Samara, thanks for the memories, and as always the great artwork that shows Your Tiger passion.

  11. This post deserves a follow-up based on Miguel Cabrera’s tweets of today. Miggy haz a sad.

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