What is going on?!

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

I’ll tell you what is going on. First of all Justin Verlander had ‘core muscle surgery’ and will be down’n’out until the end of February or something. ‘Core muscle surgery’ is not a thing and the above image is the only thing I was able to see whenever I heard it. I’m only a little sorry because it is really the fault of everyone who decided to report this as a ‘core muscle injury’ instead of a real injury to a specific body part.

In actuality Verlander probably had a sports hernia, and we all know there are few things in this world worse than herniating your sport. But it was not his arm, and he won’t miss too much of Spring Training, so cross your paws and hope that all’s well that ends surgically repaired.

As for what is going on with Roar of the Tigers– well, you have probably noticed how quiet it has been ’round these parts. To that I can only say: uh, I’m in my last year of grad school. And now I am in my last semester of grad school. This is both amazing and terrible; more to the point, it is a lot of work, and especially a lot of drawing, which leaves me little time for non-thesis-related drawing. Ugh! I know. The worst.

My thesis show will be in May and if you’re in the Boston area you should totally come because it will involve a lot of DRAWING and also a lot of BASEBALL and some of that will involve the DETROIT TIGERS and also it will be ART and it will mean that I GET A GRADUATE DEGREE. Imagine a world where one can receive a graduate degree for generating hundreds, or possibly thousands of weird baseball drawings. I am living in that world. I invite you to live in it with me. At least come May.

So that is the story, and I will try to be better about giving you things to look at here– who knows, maybe some tids and bits that end up not being used for thesis? or somesuch?? But if things are slow and quiet and calm on the RotT front, well, now you know why. Bear me with me, please. Luv u catz!

8 responses to “What is going on?!

  1. Having been in the terrifying head space that is the last semester of graduate school, I will be the last one to judge. ::shudder:: I think I remember breaking down crying in front of my internship supervisor one morning. Good memories.

  2. Yep. Been there, done that. Best of luck on wrapping up your degree.

  3. Looking forward to the show! And I love the JV drawing.

  4. Good luck! We’ll all be here when you finish up with school. Any work prospects?

  5. WELL…I guess if you are too busy I’ll just follow my other pursuit: world peace. That and marketing my new line of Dick McAuliffe open stance pajamas.

  6. Any chance that your thesis work will be available for us in the great unwashed (Tiger-friendly) public to see via this interweb thing?

  7. How far in advance will you know where/when this presentation is? I’d love to come up from RI, if I have enough warning.

  8. Just checked out your website with your artwork, I’ve been reading RotT for a bit now, I love the way you write, and I just wanted to say. I have a crush on you.

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