roaring again

images by Samara Pearlstein

Ladies and gents, cats and kittens, folks of all identifications, hello! Hello! I have missed you all so much and I have missed the ability to sit down and watch a game of baseball like a sane, civilized person, and then draw stupid cartoons about that game of baseball, which is obviously the sanest, most civilized thing one can do. But here I am, and here you are, and here are some stupid cartoons, and together we can hug this out.

Most of you know that I have been in the midst of finishing up my master’s program. It has been an insane experience. I was also working, outside of class time and studio time and occasionally trying to stay sort of up-to-date on the art world time, since that is the very realm in which I was attempting to get a (nominally) professionalizing degree. While juggling all of that, I have also been dealing with some pretty serious health issues. All this meant that I had very little time or energy for… well… anything else at all. This came to include things like ‘normal human being friends’ and ‘getting the cat exercise’ and ‘sleep’ and ‘eating food that didn’t come out of a box from Trader Joes’. It also included Roar of the Tigers, as you surely noticed.

But now I have had my thesis exhibition, all my thesis writing is done, I have defended my work to my committee, I’ve graduated, and I’ve moved 3 years’ worth of art crud out of my studio and into my apartment (much to the dismay of myself and the cat).

We do graduation in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, which is admittedly kind of cool. I am now a Master of Fine Arts. This is weird for me, is it weird for you? I guess it is also kind of cool.

I am still dealing with the health stuff, which, without getting into too many details, is very complicated and involves 10,000 moving parts that all have to be coordinated, mostly by me, because it turns out that’s not a thing that a hospital system really wants to do for you. Very, very luckily I live a literal 5 minute drive from a truly stellar hospital complex, and that has been a major help. But it is still sometimes overwhelming, and exhausting. I expect that things will be easier now that I’ve graduated, at least for a little bit, until I start teaching in the fall. I just ask you cats to bear with me on this one.

I have been out to exactly two (2) real live baseball games this season. One was a Rangers/Red Sox game, so I was confronted with Prince Fielder in a Rangers uniform. This was well before Prince made a bunch of rude comments about not caring about Detroit, so at the time it was a sight that caused me to have many Feelings. I am wearing my raincoat in this cartoon because it was freezing cold and also raining, none of which helped to mitigate the Feelings situation.

I missed the entire Tigers series in Boston, because it had the horrible luck to correspond exactly with my graduation weekend and all that insanity contained therein.

In any event, I am now starting to have bits of time here and there to watch Tigers games. Unparalleled luxury! I knew that they had been doing well, were leading the division, blah blah blah, so I was looking forward to some soothing, quality baseball.

So much for that. Why, Tigers? Why?? Is it because I now have time to sometimes pay attention to you? Is this like when I come home after being gone all day and most of the night and the cat is nice to me until I’ve fed her and then I get a hardcore cold shoulder to punish me for leaving her alone all that time? Is that what is going on here? I am SORRY, Tigers! I didn’t mean to leave you alone all day with nothing to do but curl up and sleep in sunbeams and bat your toy mice around! I was in the studio! I was working! Please love me again.

Miguel Cabrera, however, is a cat without grudges, and for this I am grateful.

17 responses to “roaring again

  1. Well ALL RIGHT!!! Unslump these guys!!

  2. Oh joy! Oh rapture! You’re back! Just in time for the Boston series, too. All will be well now.

  3. Welcome back! We missed you.

  4. Seeing this in my feed reader made my whole day!

  5. You’re back!!! Happy day!!!

  6. So glad you’re back here in action at ROTT !!! Maybe you can help our Tigers to start playing some real baseball again… you know, hitting, scoring and some honest-to-goodness REAL relief pitching !!

  7. Welcome back!

  8. Go Sox! Ok just kidding … but this cracked me up. But, of course it did! You’re hilarious, welcome back … xx

  9. Maybe your return will be the end of this terrible slump

  10. Congratulations! You certainly earned it!

  11. you don’t see any cause and effect, here?


  12. Beyond delighted at your return! Beyond worried about your health issues. Many congratulations on the completion of your degree, the more impressive for having been accomplished while swimming uphill from the sounds of it. Looking forward to sharing Tigers baseball again!

  13. Welcome back!

  14. Congratulations and welcome back! (We will just try and pretend that the Tigs didn’t just fall apart the minute you returned. I’m sure they didn’t mean it personally.)

  15. Welcome back, young lady, though in truth it is you who’s welcoming all of us back. Kentgrats on the Masters shield, though I must remind through experience that it won’t necessarily keep you in groceries. So, what about our new, newer, newest shortstop?

  16. It’s great to have you back at your blog, Master! I salute your ability to turn off distractions and do what needed to be done: I have often thought that if the Internet (as we know it) existed around 1980, I never would have been able to graduate.

  17. aleta littell

    Thank God, you are back. Missed you a lot and yes now the Tigers really better shape up, however winning the series with Boston was nice this weekend

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