The revolving door and other such things.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

One of the funny things that happens when you’ve had only half an ear to the Tigers thus far this season: you have no idea who the shortstop is, because apparently there have been 10,478 shortstops stuck in a sort of revolving door hell of injuries, incompetence, general baseball malaise, and so on. Every so often someone stumbles out of the door, dizzy as heck, and takes a few tentative cuts at the plate, but as of right now it still seems like everyone and anyone could just get shoved right back into the spinning fray, and who knows what it will spit out next? I mean, I assume Paws knows, but for us mere mortals it is somewhat more mysterious.

I am not even fully certain who has been playing at shortstop for the Tigers this year. The problem seems to be that Jose Iglesias, who by rights should have been The One, has legs that are filled with stress fractures, just bundles of dry kindling all up in those limbs, and this has kept him off the field. So the Tigers turned to… I am not sure. Danny Worth, who I assume just kind of Danny Worth’d around? Andrew Romine, who… well, I actually have no idea. Played baseball in some kind of unsatisfactory way? The internet is telling me that Alex Gonzalez was out there at one point, and not some young, freshly promoted kid who happens to share a name with Alex Gonzalez, but the actual original 37-year-old, 16-year-veteran Alex Gonzalez. Did… did we actually think that would work? Huh.

I know that right now it is a gentleman by the name of Eugenio Suarez, and I know that he has hit some home runs, which is a thing worthy of much note in these sort of grim times. Here is what else I know about Eugenio Suarez:

–He will be turning 23 in July.
–He is Venezuelan.
–He is a human being with hopes and dreams, at least some of which have to do with playing baseball.

Will that be enough to go on? Only time, the adjustments of the rest of the league, the logical thoughts and capricious whims of Brad Ausmus and Dave Dombrowski will tell.

4 responses to “The revolving door and other such things.

  1. Oh, Danny Worth did more than Danny Worth around this year. I can’t believe you missed the day that he was the star of our bullpen. That would have been worth a cartoon!

  2. Suarez has more home runs in his first week than our other shortstops have combined this season.

    And he is a human being with hopes and dreams….

  3. Oh, man, have I missed posts like these. LOL And Danny Worth is already back in Toledo, so he’s done a full Danny Worth Trip. Though this time with MOAR KNUCKLEBALL!

  4. Major leaguers with the first name Eugene since 2000: Geno Espinelli (16 IP with the Giants in 2008), Gene Kingsale (former Tiger from the Terrible Tigers era), and Gene Stechschulte (Cardinals reliever with a notably difficult last name, 2000-02). Major leaguers with the first name Eugenio, ever: Eugenio Velez (2B/OF, mostly with the Giants, 2007-11) & Eugenio Suarez (current).

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