Happy International Tiger Day!

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Did you know that July 29 is International Tiger Day? I did not, but it totally is. Click for bigger, enjoy some fine tigers on this day, and let’s see if we can get a win for all things P. tigris.

7 responses to “Happy International Tiger Day!

  1. I said this on the previous post, but it was somehow lost in the ether. The coloring on the vintage Tiger logos – the aged white and faded blue – is awesome.

    Also, the nervous hand gesture to match the face of the “worried retro Tiger” made me laugh.

  2. Thank you for being so observant, ha ha. ‘Worried retro tiger’ is the best/worst.

  3. I think “a win for all things P. tigris” is mandatory on International Tiger Day, isn’t it?

  4. Is there a story behind the worried retro Tiger?

  5. Worried retro Tiger was the Tiger logo in 1927-1928. But those years were boom times, full of optimism about the future. Did the artist who created worried retro tiger foresee the Great Depression? Alternatively, did the artist think that the image of an anxious Tiger would unsettle our American League foes?

    In all events, I would pay good money for a worried retro Tiger tshirt or cap.

  6. Maybe worried retro Tiger is just worried that Coked Up Tiger is going to get everybody in trouble again.

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