And so.

6 responses to “And so.

  1. Whoa. Poor Al. If you ask me, the bullpen is the bloodiest. :P

  2. Sad David. Sad Astro. Sad Paws. Pitiable Alex. Sad me. :(

    I’m getting really tired of saying “wait until next year”. I wish I had realized how rare a thing a World Series title was back in 1984 (but it’s kind to impress that kind of a thing upon a kindergartener).

    Now I’m wondering whether it would be better to kinda-cheer for the Royals to take it all, or to realize that that would be just Not Right and would make them insufferable to deal with next year. Actually, I just want to pretend like baseball is done for the year – for everybody – right now.

  3. Just very disappointing. Price pitched a great game, but it was not enough.

    I too hate saying, “Wait until next year”, but I remain optimistic that it will all come together in 2015.

  4. I wish I could blame it all on you Sam for not being there enough this season. But I’m afraid it was them who didn’t show.

  5. Alex really should consider calling it a career. I’d hate to put my future on the line like he does. Sure he’s great at what he does today, but what will life be like in 10 years after his multiple concussions. Great drawing too Sam.

  6. “You better watch out (etc), Fred Fred is coming to town!”

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