some thoughts on the recent games

illustrations by Samara Pearlstein

Jose Iglesias is a defensive wizard, the end.

No I lied, here are a couple more things.

Have you ever seen that video of the guy throwing a brick into a washing machine? It’s chugging along and then this brick gets tossed into its drum and it starts spinning out of control and tearing itself to pieces with the force of its own motion, and stuff begins flying off until eventually the whole thing breaks apart? (This is what I’m talking about.)

Watching that washing machine is like watching Victor Martinez run right now.

There was a moment in last night’s game where Victor had to try to score from second base. Watching him chug his way around the bases was amazing and terrible. He did make it home, so, you know, that showed strength and determination and some degree of capability, but holy cats did the journey look painful. Yesterday was also the Boston Marathon, and there were people who in the last mile of 26.2 looked like they were doing better than Victor in his last 90 feet.

It’s been a busy few weeks and I have not been able to sit down and watch as much Tigers baseball as I would like, so it is possible that I just haven’t seen enough of Victor to realize how truly f’ed his body is until this last game. But now that I have had this realization… man, I know he wants to play, but can’t we declare this a humanitarian issue and make him sit quietly for a while so his bodily tissues can settle into some slightly less inflamed state?

Other things:

It’s the LAST WEEK for the Art World Universe Kickstarter!! Please give it a look and help make these actually pretty awesome weird things a reality.

I wrote a short story of baseball fiction, and Hobart Pulp published it! It’s called The First Rule is: Don’t Speak and it’s the first fiction I’ve put out into the world in a very long time (aside from whatever you want to call what happens over here). NEAT.


3 responses to “some thoughts on the recent games

  1. I was so depressed in Spring Training because it seemed like our team was falling apart and playing terrible. But then Real Baseball started and all is better. We have a defense! We have an offense! We have guys that can run the bases! (Not counting Victor, of course. I have to agree with you about that washing machine thing. That was the most painful-looking winning run scored since Gibby with the Dodgers in the ’88 World Series.)

    Speaking of Gibby, have you had a chance to hear him or Jack Morris doing the color commentary with Mario, yet. It is so wrong. And on the days when he’s not at the ballpark, Rod gets stuck back at the studio with C-Mo and whatever random FoxSports person is hosting that day. So wrong.

  2. I miss Rod! I agree. But Rod, C-Mo, and Mickey York are very entertaining together! Bored to death with Jack Morris and Gibby.

  3. I am a big fan of Rod’s.

    Iglesias is going to win the Golden Glove Award this year. He is an extraordinary fielder.

    And I like your story very much, even if it paints mascots in a dark light.

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