Kyle Lobstein gets his carapace

illustration by Samara Pearlstein; click for bigger

A good outing for the one and only crustacean in Major League Baseball this season. May his moulting be ever easy.

Also good: Miguel Cabrera. Jose Iglesias. Rod and Mario accidentally both showing up to work in pale paisley ties.

Not so good: Rajai Davis tweaking his precious groin. Joe Nathan injuring himself to the point where his career may be over. Whatever the heck is going on with Justin Verlander.

But repeat after me: I will not get too excited when the Tigers win a few games in a row. I will not get too dejected when the Tigers lose a few games in a row. It’s only April.

It is only April for a few more days, so soon enough we can fully indulge all hysterical baseball-related reactions.


3 responses to “Kyle Lobstein gets his carapace

  1. OMG, this is beautiful! I’ve been waiting for this ever since I heard the Tigers had a pitcher named Lobstein, and this is well worth waiting for!

  2. Disturbing….but I like it very much!

    Lobstein is saving our bacon, although that image might be even more disturbing.

  3. I apologize for getting too excited last time. I should have never said anything.

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