Something to think about in this time of trades.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

I know, as we all know, that the Tigers are in Less Than Good shape right now. Perhaps this is the time to make some major roster changes. Perhaps this is the time to clear out contracts there is no reasonable hope of extending, in favor of some other, future contracts that may do us more good in a season other than this.

But I would ask you all– and Mr. D most of all– to consider precisely what it is that you would do.

9 responses to “Something to think about in this time of trades.

  1. Good to see you back. In this disappointing season, we need something to put smiles on our faces.

    And we need to keep Astro and Price.

  2. This picture seriously made me tear up…I don’t want Astro (and David Price) to go! :(

  3. Remember those golden days of the first couple of weeks of the season? We were playing small ball. We were winning. Shane Greene looked like MLB pitcher material… *sigh*

    I don’t want to say goodbye to Astro or Price. Yeah, I know, we might have to at the end of the season, anyway. But this trade would be on the same level as Doug Fister or Curtis Granderson sadness. :(

  4. Sam, you really need to tweet that illustration to D Price. It is so heart wrenchingly perfect.

  5. It’s sort-of official. :(

    At least, if we’re going to trade away Astro, we got a guy who shaves with an ax and likes to live in his van down by the river…

  6. I agree, you need to tweet it to DP. ;-; tell him to come back to us for next year. I miss Astro.. And Price. 💔

    • Seriously though, I’m going to miss him, amazing man. He was super nice at Tigers Fest. Seemed really good for the team, support wise.

  7. David Pice seems like a genuinely good guy. He is obviously a great pitcher. We ended up with a nice return for him, but this is still sad.

  8. In Mr. D’s case, apparently what he’ll do is leave town.

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