a couple quick thoughts

I just started one of my classes on watercolors. While my students are working, I have a little time to sit and reflect and obsessively check the stats and scores of the baseball games that I am not watching (it’s a night class). I also have the watercolors that I’m using for demos right there in front of me…

Verlander in love, but not with Paws
illustrations by Samara Pearlstein

Justin Verlander is in love! He has offered his pitching hand in marriage to Kate Upton! We wish him a lifetime of happiness and low ERAs. But there is one who loved him first, who now must live with the sight of his beloved in thrall to another…

I’m not saying this is going to cause problems, I’m just saying, it’s something we should keep an eye on.

Nick Castellanos bat on fire

Nick Castellanos’ bat has been on fire.

That’s it, that’s the whole visual joke.

4 responses to “a couple quick thoughts

  1. Good to see another post.

    Can you do something about the pitching? JV was great today, but the bullpen coughed up the lead and then some.

  2. Let us hope that Justin in love can continue to focus on pitching when he needs to. His last start went well until he left the game and the bullpen decided it wasn’t right for him to be that happy and get a win, too. :(

  3. Any watercolored comments on what a fractured elbow might look like?

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