RIP Mr. Ilitch

Mr. Ilitch and a tiger cuddling
illustration by Samara Pearlstein

There’s not much I can say that hasn’t already been said elsewhere. Mike Ilitch was committed not just to the Tigers (and the Red Wings), but to the city of Detroit, in a way that can be hard to fully understand. I don’t think that Major League Baseball will ever see an owner like him again. I am not sure that such a person exists.

Rest in peace, Mr. Ilitch.

9 responses to “RIP Mr. Ilitch

  1. Arlie Vanderhoof

    That is a sweet, sweet, picture. Thanks Samara.

  2. Amen… You said it right.

  3. Well said. The drawing says it all.

  4. nicely done

  5. He lead our Tigers on a great run, here’s to Mr. I.
    Nice way to remember him.

  6. Sorry I missed you till now. Thanks, Sam

  7. This soothed my soul.

  8. Such a touching drawing. <3

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